Zulu Jewelry Collection



With the cold weather upon us, I was inspired to create this winter white jewelry collection that is both simple and bold and fantastically versatile! These tribal style pieces will make a wonderful, ethnic and exotic statement and absolutely make your look!

This soulful palette features an amazing one-of-a-kind caribao horn square pendant, white bone discs from Ghana, African brass globe and ring beads, a carved bone bead with elephant detail, a brass medallion from Nagaland, India, hollow brass round beads and vintage bone stick charms.

This stunning museum style necklace is about 18" in length and has a 4" extender chain. The earrings are about 5" long and the bracelet will be made to fit.

Zulu Necklace $225

Zulu Bracelet $160

Zulu Earrings $60