Yushu Jewelry Collection



With both Tibetan and Moroccan influences, this spectacular, ethnic an exotic jewelry collection is a feast for the eyes!! Chock full of soul, this beautiful jewelry will make you feel like you're wearingf something straight out of a museum. This stunning artisan collection features rustic Morcoccan banana amber resin, rustic Tibetan blue bone beads, a Mali clay bead, a red coral mosaic horn pendant and disc bead, a vintage red glass tuareg cross, Tibetan turquoise nuggets, African brass rings, Greek verdigris terra cotta, beautiful red bamboo coral, turquoise Greek leather and an African batik bone tusk.

The Yushu horse festival in Tibet (actually maybe China or near the border) is a huge celebration where people deck themselves out in gorgeous traditional clothing and jewelry with lots and lots of amber, coral and turquoise!

The awesome necklace fits like a choker at about 15.5". The earrings are about 4" with the leather dusting the shoulders. I wll make the bracelet to fit. Let me know your wrist measurement when you place your order.

Yushu Statement Necklace $250

Yushu Charm Bracelet $160

Yushu Fringe Earrings $65