White, Bone, Crystal Quartz & Silver Charm & Chain Statement Necklace


Romancing the Stone:

Romantic and elegant, this stunning necklace is a wonderful mix of white, iridescent and crystal-like stones that shimmer and shine in the sunlight. Brilliant silver chain and beads accentuate the sparkle of the beads themselves and make this artisan necklace dazzle! The simple and classic color scheme make this phenomenal neckpiece a must-have versatile accessory that can be worn in so many ways, with almost anything and throughout the year. You will love this necklace and for those men out there looking for an original gift for that special girl in your life, this is the perfect choice! Check out the gorgeous Stone Age Bracelet and Earrings as well.

  • Mother of pearl nuggets
  • White twisted bone
  • Citrine nuggets
  • White faceted glass
  • Handmade Bali-style silver
  • Hammered silver-plated rings (will vary)
  • Silver-plated chain
Length: 14 to 21" adjustable
* I make every piece of jewelry myself with gemstones and natural materials I get from all over the world. Due to the nature and availability of the materials, each piece of jewelry will vary slightly from the original. Every piece will be equally beautiful and every piece is an original work of art.