Unique Turquoise, Orange, Yellow and Copper Moon Medallion Necklace



Bold and vivid, this mystical statement necklace is bursting with color and soul! Bright turquoise howlite stones, saturated orange resin and yummy yellow and orange tagua nut slices combine with exotic coppers and a unique moon pendant to create this enchanting piece of artisan jewelry. The pendant is Made in Greece of special volcanic terra cotta clays, kiln-fired with a copper coating and then fired a second time with a green patina wash. WOW! It's so exotic and original, like an ancient artifact excavated in a tomb or something. I named this fun and fantastical necklace Luna after the Roman Goddess of the moon and the Latin name for moon. I love these color together and separately, so a lot of my bracelets will go, but here's two specific pieces you may want to check out: Zion Charm Bracelet, Olympian Charm Bracelet

  • Turquoise howlite
  • Orange resin
  • Orange and yellow tagua nut slices
  • Hammered Thai Hill Tribe copper
  • Copper-plated terra cotta
  • Bronze
  • African copper and brass
  • Green patinaed terra cotta moon medallion
  • Copper swivel clasp
  • Antiqued copper chain
length: 17" + 4" extender
* I make every piece of jewelry myself with gemstones and natural materials I get from all over the world. Due to the nature and availability of the materials, each piece of jewelry will vary slightly from the original. Every piece will be equally beautiful and every piece is an original work of art.