Unique Mixed Blue Bead Vine ~ 8" Curated Bead Strand with Clip & Ring


Blue Bead Vine:

These unique bead vines contain an exotic mix of blue beads from around the world. I use all different materials, textures, shapes and sizes and each strand will have bone, horn or metals mixed in along with the blues. There are 8" of beads and a heavy duty swivel clasp and key ring.

These are temporarily strung, with the intention of designers recreating these wonderful mixes into their own jewelry or home decor designs. I have made them into clips so they can easily be hung up as inspiration. The ideas are endless...think keychains, fan pulls, vase decoration, curtain "tassels", bag charm and of course bracelets, anklets and necklace beginnings.

If you do choose to use these as is, please use them where they will not be pulled or tugged; as they are temporarily strung, they are not designed to withstand regular use and the cord will weaken over time.

You will receive one of these vines, not necessarily one from the photo. Once the original ones sell, I will create these to order, but each one will be awesome! If there is a specific bead you see that you want, you can e-mail me to see if I have it and can add it to your vine.

I only have these created in orange, green and blue, but can make these every color. Let me know if you want something specific.