Unique Green Turquoise & Berber Silver Ball Choker Statement Necklace


Fes Choker Necklace:

WOW! If you want to make an original and bold statement and have an ethnic and exotic piece of jewelry that makes you feel both fashionable and intriguing and cultural...here it is! These large silver balls were handmade by the Berber people in northern Morocco. Each one of these is spectacular with amazing detail and chock full of African soul! They are old and show their age and use; it's fun just imagining the journey these beads have been on.

The beautiful green turquoise nuggets are from the American southwest, most likely Nevada. Each nugget is different from the next, with a fantastic mix of colors and matrixing and shapes. I have also added old Nigerian brass rings and "woven" brass beads to add even more to the African soul of this phenomenal one-of-a-kind choker necklace.

This necklace is about 17" in length and fits like a choker. It is stunning on and much more lightweight than it looks as the silver beads are hollow.