Tibetan Style Large Brass Double Dorje Pendant 60mm ~ sold individually


Tibetan Double Dorje

~ solid brass Tibetan double dorje pendant
~ approximately 60mm, 18mm wide; heavy duty
~ you will receive 1 pendant

"The Tibetan Double Dorje was originally fashioned as a type of fist-iron ritual tool held in the right hand during religious ceremonies. Dorje is a Sanskrit word meaning thunderbolt and diamond. The symbolic nature of a diamond - strong with the ability to cut any surface but not be cut itself and the thunderbolt - a powerful and irresistible force of enlightenment. The Tibetan Dorje represents firmness and power of spirit; a symbol for the nature of reality, or sunyata, indicating endless creativity, potency, and skillful activity. Known for it's double facets, the shape of the Dorje symbolizes the two forms of truth, relative and absolute. It is joined together by a brass center sphere known as the sphere of reality." (from Chopa.com)