Tibetan Inspired Turquoise, Red Coral and Yellow Jade Coin Earrings


Mongolia Earrings:

I just designed these exotic and soulful earrings to go with my enchanting Mongolia Necklace and Charm Bracelet. I am so inspired by the traditional color scheme of Tibetan jewelry, turquoise, red coral and yellow copal amber! I think Tibetan adornment is fascinating and everything is super size and just gorgeous! The beautiful turquoise stones in these earrings are from the Hubei province in China and my favorite turquoise because it's blue, green, brown, black and filled with exotic soul. The red coral is bamboo coral and the beautiful yellow rounds beads are actually yellow jade.The coins are replicas of old Chinese coins. These earrings measure 3.5" in length and use copper niobium earwires.

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