Tibetan Inspired Copal Amber Resin and Turquoise Necklace and Earrings


Soul of Tibet Necklace and Earrings:

Soul of Tibet has been my most requested necklace over the years! With it's bold and beautiful amber and turquoise color scheme and unmistakable Tibetan flavor, I can see why! I have always loved the Tibetan and Nepalese traditional dress and jewelry ornament...it's so soulful and bold and beautiful!

I do not have this necklace "available" on my website because each one varies, so if you are interested, just contact me using the blue button to the right and I will let you know the current materials I can use. Check out my original Soul of Tibet and Soul of Tibet Choker to see some of the different styles I have made over the years.

I made this particular necklace for a Charlotte, NC customer and she wanted a pair of stud earrings to go. These earrings have beautiful Tibetan amber and silver charms, blue-green Hubei turquoise and African brass "woven" beads.