Stunning Surreal Blue Jade, Chrysocolla and Grecian Gold Coin Bracelet


Santorini Charm Bracelet:

Gorgeous cerulean blue jade, chrysocolla and Grecian "gold of the ancients" make up the luxurious palette for this beautiful blue summer bracelet. I designed this decadent  and elegant statement bracelet to accompany my surreal Santorini Necklace. Together these pieces make a dynamite summer statement or the ultimate resort jewelry collection!

Imagine this brilliant artisan bracelet with your summer! Or pair it with a little black dress for a summer evening or go casual with jeans and a white tank. The possibilities are endless!

The beautiful gold "coin"  and large gold ball are actually terra cotta that has been cast in copper and then heavily plated with 24k gold, giving it an almost "liquid" appearance. These are handmade in Greece. The unique gold spiral crescent bead is handmade in Thailand by the Karen Hill Tribe also of copper and then 24k gold.

The brass bead at the other end of the bracelet is an old African brass bead from Ghana that was cast using the ancient lost wax method of casting.

This is a one-of-a-kind handmade bracelet. I will adjust it to the necessary size, so let me know your wrist measurement when you order or email me.

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I am naming this collection Santorini as the colors and Greek styling of the gold beads reminds me of the image I always see of the blue domed church in the town of Oia, on the island of Santorini with the gorgeous blue Mediterranean waters and clear blue skies.