Stunning Blue Quartz, Amazonite, Bronze & Gold Shell Pendant Necklace


Goddess of the Sea:

Worthy of a goddess, this elegant and bold designer neckpiece is a striking combination of blues, golds and bronzes that together create a wonderful fusion of modernity and antiquity. Lush and grand and magnificent, this one-of-a-kind piece of art to wear will be a unique treasure to pass down from generation to generation. 

Stunning in both artistic form and size, the golden conch shell pendant is a work of art all by itself. This awesome component was handmade in the remote mountainous regions of Northern Thailand by the Karen Hill Tribe silversmiths using centuries-old traditional methods. They have just recently started plated their silver beads with 24K gold. The Hill Tribes have only become known for their beautiful silver work over the past decade. Before then, they made most of their income from opium sales, but with government support, the growth of their silver industry has given them a better way of life. The Hill Tribes consist of about 20 different tribes, including the Karen, the Hmong, and the Yao. Every member of the family becomes involved in the creation of the silver beads. The silver is melted down with torches, poured into molds, and then shaped by a long process of tapping. The beads are hammered and etched, or sculpted into shapes, often emulating natural objects including insects, ocean life and flowers. The distinctive styling has an earthy, handmade, artistic look and being completely handmade, no two pieces are the same. Much of the silver they use is 99%, higher than sterling silver which is 92.5%. 

The vivid blue beads are beautifully faceted blue chalcedony and the chunky light blue marbled beads are amazonite. These two hues of blue create a picturesque scene of a gorgeous island setting of pure blue water and sunny blue skies. Offering sharp contrast to the blue tones are the deep, textured and antique looking gold nuggets and the almost “liquid” golden globes. The unique nugget beads are resin that has been plated with a Dutch gold finish and are much lighter than they appear. The stunning gold globes at the necklace ends are 24 karat gold-plated terra cotta beads from Greece. These amazing, lush beads are hand-formed from a unique mix of volcanic clays, kiln-fired, coated with copper, re-fired and then heavily coated with gold. 

This fabulous and luxurious neckpiece closes with a brass lobster clasp and can be adjusted from 18 to 22 inches in length using the attached antique brass chain. You may also be interested in the Goddess of the Sea Bracelet I made to complement this original art to wear necklace.