Striking and Bold Pink, Yellow & Copper Desert Gypsy Statement Earrings


Desert Gypsy Earrings:

I've been dreaming of Spring and anticipating my trip to the desert for the Tucson Gem Show and I was inspired to create this exotic and original Desert Gypsy Jewelry Collection. WOW! This eye-popping collection of jewelry is absolutely magnificent and enchanting, truly pieces of art to wear! What a brilliant color scheme of pinks, yellows and copper reminiscent of the gorgeous canyons and painted deserts in the southwest. And then the addition of unique charms, beads, chain and's a celebration for the senses! The palette includes pink jasper from Hubei, China, mustard enameled terra cotta from Greece, vintage rustic lucite, Tibetan brass capped copal amber, Thai Buddhist copper amulet,  African glass trade beads, krobo bead from Ghana, vintage carved horn, vintage copper beads and chain and unique tassels.

Express your Gypsy Soul with these sensational one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry!

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The necklace is about 19" in length at the shortest strand and has a 4" extender. The earrings are 4" in length. The bracelet will be adjusted to fit, so let me know your wrist measurement when you place your order.