Simple Bold Mosaic Green Turquoise, African Brass and Gold Bracelet


Mosaic Green Turquoise Bracelet:

This beautiful, classic and simple, but bold and vivid green "turquoise" bracelet is the perfect statement piece for almost any occasion. This was a custom piece based on my original Classic Green Turquoise Bracelet, but I am able to recreate it, so I have made it available on my site.

It is very hard to find natural green turquoise anymore and it is very expensive if I can find it. This new version uses reconstituted turquoise which gives it the unique mosaic look and I also included some natural green-blue turquoise stones as well. I used an exotic and rustic African brass bead on one end and an elegant gold bead on the other, which contrast wonderfully! The copper toggle is made by the Karen Hill Tribe from northern Thailand.

The color palette is so beautiful, warm and vibrant! This is a must have piece for the Spring and Summer wardrobes! 

Let me know your wrist measurement when you place your order.