Safari Style African Bone, Horn, Animal Print Tribal Choker Necklace



Get your Africa style on with this exotic and soul-filled Out of Africa choker necklace. What a feast for the senses! This bold statement collar has the soul of an African safari, so I named it for the beautiful Serengeti national park in northern Tanzania. I made and entire Serengeti Collection so be sure to check it out and specifically the Serengeti Charm Bracelet.

This bold statement necklace features an exotic slice of caribou horn, amber tagua nuts from the tagua palm tree in Colombia, animal print bone from Kenya, a silver-capped copal amber resin bead from Kathmandu, bold African copal resin, an old zebra striped glass bead, Tibetan prayer beads, an exotic silver bead from Ethiopia, a hammered copper bead from the Karen Hill Tribe in Thailand and ancient brass rings from Cameroon. WOW!! You'll feel the soul of Africa when you wear this spectacular, exotic and ethnic necklace and when you're not wearing it, you'll want it displayed somewhere you can see it!

This unique, intriguing choker necklace is a one-of-a-kind piece of art jewelry and measures 15" in length and has a 4" extender chain.