Rustic Vintage Gray Glass, Black Clay, Gold and Stone Disc Necklace


Moon Rocks Necklace:

I asked my daughter what this necklace made her think of and she said the moon and then space, and I agree...Moon Rocks it is :)

These really cool gray beads are vintage Greek glass, but they definitely feel and look more like a clay. The unique and mismatched black beads are terra cotta clay beads made by the Dogon people in Mali, Africa. The golden discs are gold-plated brass (I think brass) from Tibet and these have a really old and rustic look and feel. I am not sure if they are ancient or newly made, but I purchase them from a Tibetan man at the Tucson bead show. All of these unique components bring out the beautiful colors in the jasper stone disc. I believe this is silver leaf jasper, but there are so many names for the same beads, it is sometimes hard to tell.

This necklace is strung on leather and is about 19" in length and has a 4" extender chain.

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