Recycled Blue Glass, African Brass and Blue Quartz Pendant Necklace



After I created this bold choker pendant statement necklace, it reminded me of pictures I have seen of beautiful clear blue waters in the Exumas islands of the Bahamas. In fact the picture was of a pig in the water and I remember it because it seemed so odd. So I researched it and you can, in fact, swim with the pigs in the Exumas, which consist of an archipelago of 365 islands and cays southeast of Nassau.

Anyway, this beautiful necklace is made to fit as a choker with the blue quartz crystal hanging down about 3 inches, as can be seen on the mannequin. The pale sea blue glass beads are recycled glass from Ghana. And the rare brass beads are from Africa as well. This fantastic necklace is a one-of-the-kind piece of wearable art and looks absolutely stunning on!

This bold statement necklace will make your outfit and is super versatile, being able to be dressed up or down and it can also be worn all year round! It has the crystal clear waters of summer or the crisp icy look of winter. The necklace measures 16" and has a 4" extender.

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