Mystic Gold Quartz, African Brass, Gold and Bone Tribal Charm Bracelet


Moon Goddess Bracelet:

Talk about unique, exotic, original and just an awesome statement bracelet!! I designed this to go with my fantastic Moon Goddess Necklace and they are a wonderful set, not matchy matchy, just perfectly balanced. In addition to the bone rounds and rustic AB gold-plated mystic quartz nugget found in the necklace, this tribal bracelet also features an old African Ashanti brass pendant, a single Tibetan conch shell bead, Grecian gold, a bone tusk and a rustic gold agate geode.

This is a one of a kind bracelet. I made it a little large as I as trying to fit everything in! So depending on your wrist size, I may have to take a bead or 2 out and/or use a smaller clasp. So let me know your wrist measurement when you place your order.

I think the charm on this piece would make for awesome earrings. I didn't have the necessary components on hand, but if you would like earrings to go, let me know and I can get the materials.

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