Mystic Gold Quartz, African Brass and Ox Bone Crescent Choker Necklace


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Moon Goddess:

Everything about this awesome statement reminds me of the moon, from the round bone globes to the rough cut golden quartz and the crescent shape of the pendant and of course the white and gold glimmering glow!

What a fantastic mix of modern and primitive elements! This intriguing necklace is like a modern day tribal piece that will someday be in a museum! The large bone rounds are actually faux bone and are a vintage acrylic; they look German, but I am not positive of their origin.

The rustic quartz rocks have a mystic AB gold plate and they are purposely rough with some areas of natural quartz showing through. These remind me of little stones we would always find in creeks when we were kids; we called them mica I think! Anyway they are dynamite!

The exotic pendant is made of Ox bone and is capped with brass. You are sure to make a big statement with this head-turning necklace!

Most of the brass in this tribal necklace comes from Ghana and each bead is handmade and perfectly imperfect, showing it's handmade nature and character.

This measures 16.5" in length and can be adjusted using the 4" extender chain.

I can recreate this mystical Moon Goddess necklace as long as supplies are available. Be sure to check out my Moon Goddess Charm Bracelet and Long Hoop Earrings too.