Mint Green Agate, Lime Green Horn, Black & Silver Statement Necklace



Luscious and vivid, this beautiful multiple strand necklace is an alluring composition of earthy greens, brassy golds and bright silver, a perfect color combination for the upcoming days of summer. I designed this refreshing necklace to capture the flavor and essence of a mojito by using the color scheme of lime, mint and ice and by creating a balance in style between the sophisticated contemporary and the more edgy casual. 

Glamorous and captivating stones of banded green agate add a feel of luxury and elegance to this versatile neckpiece.  Lush irregular lime green bone beads add a rustic, earthy tone providing a wonderful contrast to the perfectly cut and polished agate stones. This handmade artisan necklace utilizes the full spectrum of green hues which are harmoniously balanced by the white bands on the agate, the black bars, the brilliant silver and the brassy golds. 

Having both elegant and casual components, this enticing necklace can be worn with anything from a graceful dress or blouse to a casual tank top and jeans. This is a perfect piece of jewelry for the summer. Wear it while you’re sipping your mojito at the beach.