Masai Mara Jewelry Collection


Masai Mara:

I just got these adorable carved bone giraffe charms and was inspired to create this Masai Mara Jewelry Collection to feature them. These pieces are bold and exotic and chock full of tribal style components. Many of these fantastic beads come from Kenya including the copal amber resin, brown bone discs, batik print beads and tusk charms. The large dZi brown and white beads are Tibetan agate and the circles are symbols to ward against the Evil Eye. The large meandros medallion is hand cast in Greece of volcanic terra cotta clays and finished with copper and a verdigris patina. The other components include horn from the Philippines, glass from Tibet, brass rings from Nigeria, vintage orange lucite, turquoise, copper resin from Indonesia, Greek leather and Aegean mixed blues terra cotta from Greece.

I named this collection Masai Mara after the national reserve in Kenya which is one of the best places to safari to see giraffes, my favorite animal!

Masai Mara Necklace $195

Masai Mara Bracelet $160

Masai Mara Earrings $75