Island Tribal Bold Turquoise & Orange Bohemian Long Pendant Necklace



WOW! What a dynamite summer statement necklace and a feast for the senses!! I just designed this entire Madagascar Collection based on the exotic black and white striped glass beads of different colors. There's red, lime and both dark and light orange and they are the coolest beads ever! These have a definite African look to them, but I am not sure where they were made. They resemble the other glass beads in the red and blue pieces in this collection which are Tibetan, so they may be Tibetan. At any rate, I randomly received a box of beads from one of my customers who had inherited a large variety of beads, and these were among those beads, so they are probably old and they are definitely one of a kind!

This exotic and unusual one-of-a-kind artisan necklace features a gorgeous vintage camel bone shaman medicine stick. These were made in Ethiopia by the shaman as protection from the Evil Eye; the circle designs in particular guard against this Middle Eastern belief. The long turquoise beads are made in Indonesia from tree resin; the exotic copper tube beads are hand cast in Greece and have a beautiful turquoise patina; the orange glass beads are from Indonesia also and there are beautiful ancient African brass beads throughout this fabulous tribal necklace.

This necklace is 28" in length and the pendant itself is about 5". It has a 4" chain extender as well. Be sure to check out my Madagascar Charm Bracelet and Dangle Earrings too!