Icelandic Jewelry Collection



I just finished designing this stunning, almost surreal Icelandic jewelry collection. What a fantastic and versatile color scheme! These gorgeous icy turquoise blues and deep, intriguing browns will be wonderful accessories to your fall and winter wardrobes! In fact, you will be designing your outfit around these beautiful and exotic pieces of jewelry. These are all one-of-a-kind pieces of artisan jewelry. These unique rustic icy turquoise blue agate stones along with the intriguing carved brown Tibetan agate remind me of the pictures of Iceland's beautiful glaciers I have seen often with a backdrop of the dark earthy, almost desolate landscape.

Check out each piece of jewelry below for a full description:

Iceland Necklace $275

Reykjavik Necklace $325

Viking Necklace $195

Iceland Charm Bracelet $195

AZTEC Bracelet $175 (included because of coloring, but part of Aztec Collection)

Viking Earrings $75