Good Vibes Tribal Island Blue, Green, Verdigris and Bone Bead Inspiration

Good Vibes Inspiration:

These collections are meant to be used as inpspiration for designing your own jewelry or they can also be inspiration for your own custom design. I link to all of the components in the picture and these are all available on my website at the time of posting and pieces I plan to keep in stock. The price is $0 since I am not selling it as a collection. You can add the individual components to your cart by clicking on the materials in the list.

Turquoise Silk Bellflowers

Green Barrel Beads

Tiny Turquoise Green Rounds

Tiny Teal Blue Rounds

Lime Green Drops

Aqua Sea Blue Green Diamonds

Pueblo Terra Cotta Rings

Pewter Meandros Spiral Beads

Verdigris Tribal Tubes

Pewter Linear Tribal Pendant

Verdigris Fish Barrel

Verdigris Tribal Etched Discs

Bone Wave Disc Donuts

Bone Spear Head Charm

Bone Fertility Figure

Neon Yellow Capiz Shell

Rustic Copper Toggle Clasp