Exquisite Blue Madagascar Amazonite, Turquoise & Gold Statement Necklace



I recently received these stunning Madagascar Amazonite tumbled stones and they conjure images of beautiful waters and faraway lands! When I think of Madagascar, I always imagine the beautiful rainforests, amazing baobab trees and the unique and exotic animals. But apparently the beaches are amazing, unspoiled with crystal clear water and glittering sand! This particular beach is on the island of Tsarabanjina and sounds like a piece of paradise...definitely on my bucket list!!

Anyhow I combined these smooth, polished blue stones with rustic green-blue turquoise and elegant gold to create this exquisite Tsarabanjina Jewelry Collection. Somehow my photos of the set did not get saved on my camera, so I am just showing them individually.

This one-of-a-kind necklace is 19" in length and has a 4" extender chain. The chunky bracelet will be made to fit and the earrings are about 4.25" long.

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