Exotic Tropical Green Turquoise, Brown, Mustard Mix and Match Earrings


Philippines Earrings:

I've never been to the Philippines, but it's high up on my bucket list! It looks so green and lush and tropical and exotic and just so beautiful...all things that I LOVE :) Anyhow right after designing this exotic jewelry, my first thought was "Philippines" so that's what I'm naming this collection. I am including a photo that inspired me and that's one of the many places in the Philippines I want to experience - Cambugahay Falls in Siquijor.

So this very exotic and unique and inspired Philippines Collection is chock full of fantastic elements from all over the world in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colors. Some of the materials include exotic carved green serpentine cylinder beads, burnt water buffalo horn from the Philippines, rustic and unique green coral branch sticks from the South Pacific, oversize stunning turquoise donut from Hubei, China, rustic blue Czech glass pear shape beads, African brass, lapis lazuli, copper pearls, funky mustard Czech glass beads, a distinctive old world bronze ornate toggle clasp, a singular copper and brass beaded bead from Tibet, ebony wood and Grecian copper and bronze.

And I was having so much fun with the earrings that I made 3 different styles and you can mix and match; either pick one style that you want me to make a pair of or pick 2 different styles, or hey go with all 3. They are $50/set or $25 each.

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