Exotic Brass, Tibetan Prayer Bead and Copper Disc Tribal Long Earrings


Kenya Earrings:

Soulful and exotic, these intriguing tribal earrings are super fun and will definitely make a statement! I designed these to accompany my Kenya Necklace and Charm Bracelet and together these make an amazing collection. But they go with so many of my tribal and African pieces, so just mix and match with what you like best! Awesome copper discs, African brass bicones from Nigeria and etched Tibetan prayer beads bring a ton of soul and character to these ethnic earrings and the yellow glass and copal amber beads add the color. Wow! You will love these earrings and find that they are quite versatile!

  • Hammered copper discs
  • African brass bicones from Nigeria
  • Carved Tibetan prayer beads
  • Copal amber
  • Yellow glass trade beads
  • Copper niobium earwires

Length: 4"