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Designer Multi-Strand Lime and Turquoise Medallion Statement Necklace




Intensely vivid, lush and exotic, this captivating and dramatic tribal statement necklace is a modern day artifact, a piece of jewelry that could almost have come from an ancient society or even present day culture living in small villages in a tropical rainforest. The somewhat simple, yet deep and soulful color palette comes right out of a forest, creating visions of tree bark, moss and sunlit leafy greens offering a wide range of earthy hues. After studying the incomparable rainforest on the island of Borneo, I couldn’t think of a better name for this awesome tribalesque neckpiece. 

The beautiful oversize pendant is a combination of shell, bamboo and other natural materials inlaid on a resin donut base. Each one of these spectacular pendants is handmade in the Philippines and each one will be slightly different from the next. The donut is 2.75” in diameter. With rustic cut bamboo and shell pieces covered in a super polished resin, this original pendant is a unique mix of primitive earthiness modern design. 

Mysteriously ornate and wonderfully authentic, the large brass ball beads are from Ghana, Africa.  Each bead is individually handmade from wax and then cast with molten brass so no two are perfectly identical. Each bead measures approx 24mm in diameter, though some may be slightly smaller and some slightly larger. The casting process used to produce these beads is called the “lost wax method” and it dates back to the 7th century in Africa. These beads have a wonderful, rustic character including an occasional small dent, hole or other irregularity giving them so much flavor and soul! 

Beautiful and deep, the lime stunning green beads are handcut glass from the Czech Republic. The range in tones of green and the unique antique finish around the edges gives the beads depth and feeling while the cut, shape and polishing gives the beads brilliant reflective property. 

Contrasting with the overall darker and deeper hues of this necklace, the white-washed and antiqued wood beads add perfect balance by providing a lighter feel both in hue and weight. These faceted wood beads are handcrafted in Indonesia from the magnolia tree. 

This bohemian-style neckpiece has a great artistic design and will add depth and a feeling of cultural richness to your wardrobe and make you feel and look knowledgeable and irresistible! Amber glass crow beads, tiger iron, African brass from Cameroon and rings of bamboo from the Philippines end the necklace and a rugged piece of rawhide attaching the pendant adds to the primitive nature of the piece. This necklace can be adjusted from 22 to 26” using the attached antique copper chain with the pendant adding an additional 4” to the length.

I also create this necklace in orange and could make another color upon request. See photo with copper and green patinaed medallion pendant I created as a custom variation of the original.

Length: 22" + 4" extender

  • Mosaic resin donut with bamboo slice inlay or Grecian Green Patinaed Shield
  • Ornate African brass ball or tube beads
  • African brass beads from Cameroon
  • Green Czech glass coin beads
  • Faceted magnolia wood beads
  • Tiger iron beads
  • Coconut shell rings
  • Giant brass lobster clasp
  • Antiqued copper oval curb chain
  • Dyed Greek leather cord
  • Copper wire

* I make every piece of jewelry myself with gemstones and natural materials I get from all over the world. Due to the nature and availability of the materials, each piece of jewelry will vary slightly from the original. Every piece will be equally beautiful and every piece is an original work of art.

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