Deep Cerulean Blue Jade, Greek Terra Cotta and Turquoise Disc Bracelet


Barrier Reef Charm Bracelet:

Unique and exotic, I designed this one-of-a-kind artisan statement bracelet to go with my Barrier Reef Collection, featuring my Barrier Reef Necklace. After creating my Barrier Reef Bracelet made with the aqua blue jasper, I decided to make this beautiful, single strand bracelet with the intensely blue cerulean jade beads as the focus. I accented these magnificent beads on both ends with wonderful Grecian terra cotta beads and I bring in the light aqua blue with a fun chalk turquoise disc bead as the toggle clasp. And then the I use some leather and brown copper wire to bring in a splash of brown. The fun charm is a cast green patinaed copper disc also from Greece and it has a sea-inspired geometric patterned design.

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