Custom Mayan Inspired Soul-Filled Mixed Bead Multi-Strand Jade Necklace


Maggie in Honduras:

Engaging and exotic, this multi-strand neckpiece is a diverse combination of ethnic components and colorful fetishes from all over the world. With a base of jade tone glass beads, an authentic carved Mayan jade face pendant, and various jade and green elements throughout the necklace, this one-of-a-kind piece of artisan jewelry is distinctly Central American in style. The addition of gold tones adds to the overall Mayan flavor. Many of these antiqued golden amulets contain Celtic symbols and mixed with all of the green in this dramatic necklace, there is also a definite Irish inspiration present.

This rich cultural necklace is a special piece I custom designed as a college graduation gift from a mother to her daughter. She wanted to create a piece of jewelry that would “represent” her daughter with some of her specific interests and defining characteristics. Her daughter’s name is Maggie which is often used as an Irish name, but apparently comes from a Greek work meaning “pearl.” Maggie is Irish and is proud of her Irish ancestry. She loves all things green and has a fondness for Celtic symbolization. In order to represent this Irish side of Maggie, I gave the necklace an overall greenness, specifically incorporating green pearls and I added gold beads with Celtic symbols throughout the necklace, including a Celtic braid charm pendant. The accidental addition of green fish beads turned out to be meaningful too, as a representation of the Irish Catholic component to Maggie.

Maggie has a lot of interests and sounds like an intriguing personality. She is going to Honduras upon graduation to help in local villages there. This selfless humanitarian effort is what inspired the Central American portion of this intricate necklace. Honduras is a unique and vibrant country ranging in topography from clear turquoise waters to lush jungles and mountains. It is world famous for its archeological finds of the Mayan civilization called the Ruinas de Copan. Copan was once one of the largest Maya cities and is considered the most artistic and complete archeological site remaining of this ancient civilization.

Mayans are known for their jade carvings that have been found throughout history. The jade face carving that is the main focal piece of this complex necklace is a genuine jadeite piece of artwork that was hand-carved by the living Maya Indians of Guatemala. This is a magnificent completely unique and original pendant filled with Mayan soul that will be cherished forever. I also incorporate jade stones as well as the multi-colored jade glass beads to complement this spectacular jade pendant and add to the overall Honduran look and feel of the necklace.

The colorful mother of pearl animal fetishes and the use of the seed glass beads seemed to be very Central American in nature and gives a definite ethnic appeal to this designer neckpiece. The unique brass beads at the necklace ends are woven African brass beads handmade in a village near Kumasi, Ghana. They are made, one by one, by weaving wax “wires” into a form, investing them in clay, burning out the wax and pouring molten brass into the mold.

I also made a matching bracelet.