Carabao Jewelry Collection



I've been loving the color combination of charcoal gray and amber yellow and I saw these beads together on my work bench and this fantastic choker necklace practically created itself! The beautiful dark gray/brownish round beads are exotic horn beads that come from the horn of the water buffalo, called carabao in the Philippines.

Some of the horn beads in this collection are from the Philippines and some are from Vietnam. The water buffalo is a very important animal in both of these countries for farming, milk and sometimes for food. They are highly valued and are not killed for the horn; it is important culturally to use the entire animal and let nothing go to waste once the animal dies and this is one of the ways the horns are used.

This is just about one of the coolest bracelets ever! It's so chock full of rustic tribal style but it definitely has a modern, structural feel to it too. What a great fusion of unique elements! This original one-of-a-kind bracelet makes a bold statement and will make you feel rich in soul and intriguing, like you're wearing an exotic artifact from a museum.

And you have 3 exotic and unique sets of earrings to choose from or get all 3!

Carabao Choker $250

Carabao Charm Bracelet $150

Carabao Chandelier Earrings $50

Carabao Tagua Slice Earrings $50

Carabao Hoop Earrings $55