Breathtaking Chunky Turquoise Nugget and Gold Statement Bracelet


Kedung Kayang Bracelet:

So in coming up with a name for this bracelet, I looked through pictures of beautiful Java, Indonesia and I found this magnificent waterfall called Kedung Kayang which is located in Mageland, Central Java, Indonesia. It has beautiful blues and browns and greens and seemed a good fit for this turquoise. As I made this to accompany my intriguing Java Rocks Necklace, I wanted to also name this one for Java. Anyhow, this stunning statement bracelet has a very simple palette of chunky turquoise stones and Mykonos gold-plated terra cotta. It is a bold and chunky bracelet and a definite head turner! It will absolutely make your look and when worn with my Java Rocks Necklace, WOW!! just unbelievable!

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