Bold Vibrant Gorgeous Red Bamboo Coral and Silver Heart Pendant Choker


LOVE Choker:

Bold and beautiful and full of LOVE, I was inspired to create this LOVE-inspired Valentine Collection today because I have had so much LOVE from all of my fabulous customers! It has been a rough time for a lot of business has certainly been affected by COVID related issues. But although I have not been making as many sales, I have had an outpouring of support and LOVE from so so many of my customers and even people who have been inspired by my jewelry, but not purchased from me for financial reasons. 

I've been receiving phone calls and e-mails almost everyday from someone telling me how happy my jewelry makes them and how grateful they are that I am sharing my artistic talent with the world and how my jewelry has made their day and has been the highlight for them in these rough times and on and on amazing compliments. I feel so rich and full of LOVE and gratitude for all of you who have shared these thoughts with me and for all my customers, especially my regulars who have been so supportive over the years!

Anyhow this beautiful, classic style LOVE Collection features bold red bamboo coral chunks, 3 colors of gray pearls, vintage red Japanese glass, silver-plated brass heart pendant and charms, a hammered copper toggle clasp from the Karen Hill Tribe in Thailand and African brass rings.

The statement necklace is designed to be a choker at about 17" and the earrings are about 3.5" in length.

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