Bold Tribal Style Rustic Amber and Chinese Coin Leather Fringe Earrings


Jayapura Fringe Earrings:

I've been getting the tribal island vibe looking at some of the exotic beads and components I found in Tucson and I have just created this bold, exotic and dramatic Irian Jaya Jewelry Collection. The deep tones of rusty ambers, grays, antiqued gold, vintage brass, exotic carved jade and Tibetan prayer beads bring mystery and intrigue and an earthy, ancient aura to this tribal-inspired jewelry collection. Many of the pieces have pops of bright yellow, orange, silver and brass adding a little modernity to the collection. Each one of these pieces is a one-of-a-kind piece of artisan jewelry and a main event you will be coordinating your outfit around!

These fabulous bohemian tribal shoulder duster earrings feature vintage rusty orange lucite beads, Tibetan prayer beads, vintage mustard yellow glass, Chinese coin replicas and long suede tassels. they use copper niobium earwires and these measure 3" with the suede hanging an additional 6".

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