Bold Soulful Tibetan Copal Amber & Turquoise Pendant Choker Necklace


Soul of Tibet Choker:

Bold and beautiful and dramatic, this Tibetan-inspired statement necklace is fit for a modern day warrior woman..definitely not for the faint of heart. This magnificent neck piece makes a huge statement and will make you feel rich in soul and full of spirit. Tibetan people are known for their bold adornment and specifically the Khampa people of the Eastern Tibetan plateau. They are mountain herders and move often so they wear their wealth in the form of jewelry and ornament, lots of turquoise, coral and copal amber. You could fit right in with this head-turning necklace! 

This is the kind of necklace you create your look around and in this case, the necklace will do all the work. This color scheme is so earthy and soulful and will go with almost anything and it's versatile enough to wear year round! This is definitely a one-of-a-kind necklace; in fact it is impossible to even find natural turquoise discs this large anymore, and if you could, they would be a small fortune! 

It is pictured here with my intriguing Buddha's Warrior Cuff and my Buddha's Warrior Earrings.