Bold Ethiopian Silver Ball and Chunky Yellow Resin Statement Bracelet


Addis Ababa Bracelet:

Exotic and ethnic metal balls from Ethiopia coupled with giant yellow amber resin drums are the simple but bold palette for this fascinating one-of-a-kind bracelet.

Imported directly from Ethiopia, the amazing metal beads are silver-plated copper and average 35mm in diameter. In Ethiopia they are traditionally worn as the centerpiece of a simple glass beaded necklace. Each of these spectacular beads is a unique piece of artwork. The two halves are separately handmade and then fused together creating the center detail on the beads. These beads are filled with African character and soul and because they were created in Ethiopia, I am naming this bracelet and the matching necklace Addis Ababa after the city’s capital. Addis Ababa is host to the world’s largest open air market where endless amounts of goods are sold, and I can only imagine the amazing Ethiopian art and silverwork available at this Mercato. 

The amber-looking beads are hand carved from tree resin and mixed with the powder resin residue from the real amber bead-making process. These beads come from Greece where this process has been a tradition for hundreds of years. These magnificent beads are lightweight, smooth and shiny and they have amazing color with a unique marbling effect. 

I may be able to recreate this awesome bracelet depending on the availability of the materials. Contact me if you are interested in this bracelet.