Bold & Dramatic Blue Glass and Grecian Warrior Shield Choker Necklace



Bold and powerful and magnificent, I named this warrior style choker necklace after the Greek god of the sea, Poseidon. This is a dynamite statement necklace that you will design your outfit around! And it looks amazing on!

The theatrical and enchanting shield medallion comes from Greece and is actually terra cotta that has been coated in copper and then to which a green patina is applied; it is an absolutely stunning piece! The beads are a mix of more of the green patinaed Grecian terra cotta and rustic recycled glass beads from Ghana, Africa. The ring is an ancient brass ring from Nigeria that was originally woven into a belt made of a whole bunch of these rings.

This gorgeous artisan necklace fits like a choker at 16" and has a 4" extender chain. I have it pictured with my Exumas charm bracelet and they make a great set. If you could only get one new necklace for the Spring and Summer, this would be it!