Bold and Exotic Green Serpentine Nuggets, Silver & Bone Feather Necklace


The Jungle:

Stunning nuggets of vivid green serpentine mingle with an oversize hand-carved antique bone feather pendant to create a gorgeous neckpiece that is both elegant and earthy. The full spectrum of greens can be seen in these lush, roughly cut gemstones having amazing variation of color, shape, size and matrixing. These jungle greens perfectly complement the beautiful ivory color of the antique bone pendant, adding both contrast and harmony. 

Serpentine was most likely named because the patterns of the stone resemble that of some snakeskin. In fact, historically, serpentine was thought to protect the wearer from snake bites. Metaphysically, serpentine is supposed to help one find inner peace by enhancing meditation, restoring self-confidence, and dispelling fear. 

Made in Thailand, the beautiful feather is hand-carved from bone and then put through an antiquing process in order to achieve the very natural ivory and brown tones. The uniquely detailed silver beads at the ends of the necklace are also made in Thailand by the Karen Hill Tribes who live in the remote northern mountainous region. These beads are individually made by hand from 99% silver using centuries-old traditional methods. Every member of the family becomes involved in the creation of the silver beads. The silver is melted down with torches, poured into molds, and then shaped by a long process of tapping. The beads are hammered and etched, or sculpted into shapes, often emulating natural objects including insects, ocean life and flowers. The distinctive styling has an earthy, handmade, artistic look and being completely handmade, no two pieces are the same. 

This magnificent necklace is a wonderful balance of rugged earthiness and polished elegance. It can be worn both casually with jeans and a t-shirt or in a more sophisticated manner with a stylish blouse or dress. This piece closes with a lobster clasp and can be adjusted in length using the attached chain.