Bold and Chunky Turquoise and Inlaid Amber Pendant Choker Necklace



Wow! What a sensational, simple but bold, easy to wear turquoise choker necklace. I found these stunning large nuggets of turquoise in Tucson. Although I am not positive, I think these are either from the Hubei mine in China or from Tibet. Chinese turquoise has always been my favorite with it's intriguing blacks, browns, greens and's so earthy and exotic! I also found this phenomenal pendant in Tucson and it was handmade in Kathmandu, Nepal. It is a gorgeous amber color and the stone is referred to as yellow turquoise. It is most likely dyed magnesite or howlite, which are naturally white stones that are dyed beautiful colors.

This stone is inlaid in Tibetan silver which has been carved on the back with the Buddha monkey. The monkey is often seen on Tibetan and Nepalese artwork and is found wherever Buddhism is practiced. I did some research and found that the monkey is one of the animals from the Jataka Tales, which are popular stories from India about the former lives of Buddha. The monkey is also one of the animals from the Tibetan and Chinese zodiacs.

This soulful, Tibetan-inspired necklace is seen pictured with my dramatic Jiangsu Jade Pendant Necklace. Created to be a choker necklace, it measures 17" in length.