Bohemian-Inspired Turquoise, Orange and Yellow Rustic Cross Necklace


San Antonio:

This necklace is so cool! I bought this rustic cross pendant when I was visiting San Antonio and I have been waiting to be inspired to create something perfect with it and here it is! The rugged, earthy nature of the cross inspired me to create something Bohemian and casual and summery, not too bright but with a splash of color. And I wanted it long and sexy with the cross hanging down by the belly button. This unique and exotic necklace looks so good with low jeans and a cropped top or black tank, a long maxi dress, or go all out Bohemian and mix it up with other patterns and colors. You can slip it right over your head and it's lightweight - you'll find this being your summer go to piece of jewelry. It's so awesome, you'll be planning your outfits around it and you'll want it hanging on the wall or over a vase when you're not wearing it. Get the San Antonio Earrings to go and one of my Soulful Everyday Bracelets or just pick one of the colors and try the Mixed Media Yellow, Orange or Blue Bracelets. This is a one of a kind necklace!

Length: 30" + 6" extender; cross adds additional 5"
* I make every piece of jewelry myself with gemstones and natural materials I get from all over the world. Due to the nature and availability of the materials, each piece of jewelry will vary slightly from the original. Every piece will be equally beautiful and every piece is an original work of art.