Blue Chrysocolla Malachite, Silver Shell and Silver Seahorse Charm Bracelet


Azure Seas Charm Bracelet:

Bold, fashionable and exotic, this captivating one-of-a-kind bracelet is a unique fusion of gorgeous, complex azurite and malachite nuggets and striking sterling silver fetishes including a singularly amazing seashell and two seahorse charms. This radiant sea-inspired piece of jewelry perfectly captures a virgin island image of beautiful tropical waters under a brilliant blue sky. A great mix of glamour and exotic earthiness, this versatile bracelet can be easily worn both casually and elegantly. And although having an overall tropical, summery feel, the deeper blues and antique nature of the silver and brass add a significance and depth that make this art to wear bracelet able to be worn all year round. This awesome designer bracelet was created to complement the sensational Starfish of Azure Seas Necklace

Stunning in artistic depth and detail, the fascinating seashell and chunkier seahorse are made completely by hand from .99 sterling silver. They are made by the Karen Hill Tribes in the remote mountain areas of Thailand using centuries-old traditional methods. The Hill Tribes have only become known for their beautiful silver work over the past decade. Before then, they made most of their income from opium sales, but with government support, the growth of their silver industry has given them a better way of life. The Hill Tribes consist of about 20 different tribes, including the Karen, the Hmong, and the Yao. Every member of the family becomes involved in the creation of the silver beads. The silver is melted down with torches, poured into molds, and then shaped by a long process of tapping. The beads are hammered and etched, or sculpted into shapes, often emulating natural objects including insects, ocean life and flowers. The distinctive styling has an earthy, handmade, artistic look and being completely handmade, no two pieces are the same. Much of the silver they use is 99%, higher than sterling silver which is 92.5%. 

Eye-catching and dramatic, the striking blue stones are handcut into freeform nuggets from azurite and malachite. The electric blue beads are azurite and the beads where the colors are intermingled are a unique marriage of the two stones that naturally occurs in or near copper deposits. Each one of these beads is unique, having variation in shape, color and matrixing, and I have separated them with small silver beads so they can be individually appreciated. 

The addition of African brass brings about a necessary earthy element that contrasts with the modern and elegant stones and silver and complements the rugged cut of the stones and the antiquing of the seashell. This piece closes with a sterling silver toggle clasp and will be adjusted to fit the requested wrist size.