Beautiful Turquoise Magnesite and Turkish Gold Pendant Choker Necklace


Atlas Necklace:

Wow! This will be your new go to necklace! A classic palette of turquoise and gold in a simple, but bold choker design. This gorgeous magnesite has a wonderful matrix and great hues from blue to green to brown. The stunning gold pendant is from Turkey and the amazing "liquid" gold balls at the ends are heavily gold-plated terra cotta from Greece.

Continuing with the celestial theme, I named this Atlas which I think works with the overall blue and green, but also because in Greek mythology, Atlas was one of the most famous Titans who held up the celestial heavens for eternity. And the pendant has a solar system/planet sort of look to it.

Although not matchy matchy, I love the way this necklace looks with my Cassiopeia Bracelet, both with clean designs and a Grecian God look.