Beautiful and Exotic Silver Tuareg Cross Pendant ~ 85mm


Large Silver Tuareg:

This listing is for this exotic Tuareg cross pendant. These measure 85mm and are double-sided. I am not sure where these were actually made, but traditionally they were made exclusively of Moroccan silver while later ones often were formed from imported metals, still usually silver.

The Tuaregs are traditionally a nomadic people of the desert who dwell in the Sahel, a belt of land spanning several countries south of the Sahara. They are often referred to as blue men of the desert due to their indigo blue-dyed robes. Drought and government policy have caused many Tuareg tribes to take up a more sedentary lifestyle in the cities, but the traditional camel caravans can still be seen traveling across the desert. They are known for their fighting ability and artwork, with a sword being a Tuareg’s most valuable possession.

Many Tuareg people adorn a specialized cross that is specific to their unique tribe. Traditionally these are handed down from generation to generation as a talisman against the Evil Eye. The crosses are characterized by repeating geometric patterns which are believed to protect the wearer against forces of bad magic.