Barrier Reef Jewelry Collection


Barrier Reef

Elegant and bold, this stunning aqua blue statement necklace is a must have piece of jewelry for your next island vacation! In fact, I was inspired to create this one-of-a-kind necklace after seeing a picture of Heart Island in the Great Barrier Reef. The picture is taken from high above and the colors are a beautiful palette of blues and browns.

The gorgeous blue stones are impression jasper and they imitate the look of turquoise, with a wonderful matrix and texture. They remind me of clear aqua blue waters in the sunlight over rippled ocean sand. Darker cerulean faceted blue jade beads give nice contrast to the sky blue jasper slabs and transition into the textured brown terra cotta bars which, in turn transition into the rustic African brass bicones from Nigeria. This island-inspired necklace ends with unique patinaed terra cotta bicones from Greece. 

Pair this spectacular necklace with a coordinating, but not matchy matchy bracelet and pair of earrings. You have 2 to choose from!

Barrier Reef Necklace $225

Barrier Reef Bracelet $150

Barrier Reef Charm Bracelet $150

Barrier Reef Geometric Earrings $40

Barrier Reef Tagua Nut Earrings $50