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Awesome and Unique Periwinkle Blue Violet Statement Charm Bracelet




I LOVE this color! I have always thought of it as periwinkle, but it may be closer to cornflower. But it's a wonderful blue purple color and this mix of the varying shades of blues and violets its dynamite! I received the donut rings from a box of beads one of my customers gave me that she had inherited. I have never seen this color in a gemstone before and those are what inspired to make this gorgeous bracelet.

This is a one of a kind piece chock full of unique components. It is a fantastic mix of Czech glass, Indonesian glass, African brass, hand cast bronze, copper, leather and of course the beautiful periwinkle discs.

I just found a couple more periwinkle discs so I have been able to recreate this stunning bracelet pretty similarly to the original. The one in the primary picture will be the one you will receive. I have also just created 2 fun pairs of periwinkle/purple earrings so be sure to check them out: Periwinkle Disc Earrings and Periwinkle and Copper Dangle Earrings.

This amazing color can work all year round making it super versatile. It also has hints of lavender which is one of the Fall colors this year.

Let me know your wrist measurement when you order.

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