Amber Waves Jewelry Collection


Amber Waves:

Stunning and elegant, this one-of-a-kind jewelry collections features a bold and brilliant statement necklace combining golden ambers and yellows for fabulous Fall color scheme. Beautiful yellow jade rectangles and squares create movement and energy with their dynamic color range and spontaneous style. Another focal point of this fantastic artisan necklace is the exotic Tibetan shield pendant and the 2 fascinating striped agate beads. 

The fascinating artisan bracelet has a warm color palette of golden ambers and yellows, copper, brass and gold. It has a great structural design and will look amazing with practically anything! This chunky amber bracelet will be a wonderful addition to any jewelry collection as it is a unique take on the traditional amber jewelry out there and will add more depth and energy to your look.

And the fun boho chic earrings have a great palette of vintage lucite amber rings, Napoleon gold coin replicas, coppery orange bamboo and translucent amber glass tubes. They use niobium ear wires and are about 3.75" long.

The other beads in this collection include shimmering coppery amber freshwater pearls, dark amber gold-foil lampwork glass, vintage yellow glass trade beads, transparent amber glass, African brass, bronze washers, gold-plated Grecian terra cotta and hammered brass hardware.

Amber Waves Necklace $295

Amber Waves Bracelet $150

Amber Waves Earrings $45