African Orange, Yellow, Blue Glass and Coptic Cross Tribal Necklace


Kumasi Crosses Necklace:

Long and Bohemian and ethnic,this awesome tribal necklace is full of color and vibrance and soul. You're going to want to wear this sensational necklace all the time! The fun color scheme is absolutely perfect for summer, but wear it all year round to bring happiness and color to those darker months. Beautiful and vibrant Czech glass beads almost look toy-like, in fact they specifically remind me of the Playmobil toys that my kids used to love. These perfect, new, brilliant beads provide the perfect contrast to the old and worn Ethiopian coptic crosses and African brass and bone beads. I designed this long, warm and happy necklace after my original Kumasi Necklace. They can actually be worn together to really make a tribal statement and they look amazing together! ANd this piece goes great with the Kumasi Charm Bracelet as well.

Length: 34-38" + 4" extender chain

* I make every piece of jewelry myself with gemstones and natural materials I get from all over the world. Due to the nature and availability of the materials, each piece of jewelry will vary slightly from the original. Every piece will be equally beautiful and every piece is an original work of art.