30 Seconds to Mars Jewelry with Band Symbols & Air Element Pendant


30 Seconds to Mars Jewelry:

I created this great necklace and bracelet set for a client's daughter getting ready for the 30 Seconds to Mars concert. Charcoal, grays, black, silver and a splash of color along with the bands symbols, seemed to be the perfect mix to represent this alternative rock group. The unique necklace pendant is a hand forged sterling silver air element symbol pendant. I am not sure what the other symbols mean, but the band actually has 4 symbols, I believe each representing one of the words in their band name and I was only able to get 3 of them, with Mars not being represented (the circle with the 2 dots, or mars with 2 moons). Anyway, these were fun to create and the chica who went to the concert got a picture of Jared Leto and herself while wearing the jewelry, which I am waiting to receive. I will post it once I do.