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Custom Summer White and Silver Double Strand Statement Necklace

Christine's Summer White

Hi, Kelly:
I received my white necklace and I just love it!!!
Thank you so much for making it for me.  I know I’m going to wear it a lot and enjoy it every time!

Chris W

Babson Park, Florida

Custom Chunky Purple and Fuchsia Bracelet

Commissioned Purple Bracelet

Hi Kelly,
Fabulous!! Love your creative artistry!!

Very special!!
Thank you very much!!
Susan J

Fort Mill, South Carolina

  Designer Multi-Strand Bone,Shell and Pearl Statement Cuff Bracelet

Mini Ivory Cuff

My mom loved the bracelet.

Thank you so much. It couldnt have been more perfect.  

It was great catching up with you and I'll place another order soon.

Sam M
Virginia Beach, VA


 Gorgeous Summer White and Gold Shell and Pearl Statement Necklace

Makabibi Shell Necklace

Hi Kelly,
A short line to say I received the necklace and it is absolutely
GORGEOUS.  Love love love.

Many thanks.
Rosaleen Q

 Mayo, Ireland

Chunky Green Chrysoprase, Turquoise, Lime, Magenta, Black and Silver Bracelet

Custom Enchanted

Hi Kelly,
Received today!! Absolutely gorgeous!! Love!!
Thanks so very much!! Beyond my expectations!!
Susan J
Fort Mill, South Carolina

Custom Turquoise Bracelet

Incredible!!!  Outstanding!!! Amazing Bracelet!! I love it!! I can’t thank you enough Kelly for your patience with me while I made my decisions as to which bracelet I wanted. Your work is so top notch that I found it difficult to make  a decision. I adore my decision! Thank you so very much!!! Fondly, Toni🌻

Denver, Colorado

Magnificent Green, Blue, Fuchsia, Copper & Purple Jade Pendant Necklace and Bracelet


Dear Kelly,
When I opened the package containing my most recent order from you, my mouth dropped to the floor. It is so beautiful. I knew you would come up with something to replace the large stones. The combination of blues, greens, periwinkle are gorgeous. And how you package your items for shipping add to the excitement of opening what is inside. Love those boxes and pouches. And I can't believe how timely your orders arrive. Great job, Kelly. You and your work are one of my very favorites. So glad I happened onto your site a while back. You will be hearing from me soon.
A very🤗 satisfied, happy customer, Judy Brown
Gettysburg, South Dakota

Choose Your Color Everyday Tribal Ethiopian Cross Pendant Necklace

Ethiopian Cross Necklace

Thank you so much! I received the necklace today.  It looks beautiful!
I saw a yellow one with Ethiopian cross that I like so much. I will order it hopefully soon.
By the way, I am Ethiopian:) I like the way you mix the crosses with the beads.
Thank you again.
Selam ዘኢትዮጵያ,
Baltimore, Maryland

Custom Yellow Resin and Silver Ethiopian Coptic Cross Statement Necklace

Yellow Ethiopian Cross Necklace

Hi Kelly,
Received my order today and am so pleased!!!
It’s a beautiful necklace and I can wear it with so many things.
Thank you!
Chris W.
Babson Park, FL

Custom Tibetan Theme Olive Green and Brass Chunky Charm Bracelet

Custom Olive Bracelet

My bracelet is gorgeous, Kelly.

The pictures didn't do it justice! Thank you so much!!

Lucinda K.

Mustang, Oklahoma

Custom Mahogany and Honey Amber Resin and Giraffe Bead Necklace

Resin Giraffe Necklace


I received the package today - fast delivery.
You are right - I do love it - it is exactly what I was looking for - simple and light.
Can't wait to wear it.
Have a nice weekend - keep making jewelry - your designs are very creative!


Ann W.
Midlothian, Virginia

Elegant Victorian Style Amber, Mustard, Bronze and Glass Bead Bracelet

Victorian Bracelet

Hi Kelly,
Just a quick note to tell you how beautiful the amber bracelet is. The hardware as well, love the toggle!!
I’m going to pick out another and get a couple of gifts, so I will be in touch!!

Many thanks,

Arlene F.
Gladstone, New Jersey

Safari Style African Tusk, Tibetan Horn & Giraffe Print Tribal Bracelet

Tanzania Charm Bracelet

Hi Kelly! 
Roseann here in Penna. I love my new African tribal bracelet. It is so cool! Wearing my African bracelet today! Love it.
I will be buying another bracelet soon.
Thanks again!!
Roseann S.
Macungie, Pennsylvania

Aegean Blue, Chrysocolla, Gold and Tibetan Shield Statement Necklace

Aegean Sea

Wow, It's so elegant and beautiful. Thank you so much for creating this masterpiece for me.

Fatemeh N.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Magnificent African Brass, Gold and Green Blue Jade Medallion Necklace


Thank you Kelly for this amazing message. Life is sometimes a bit odd but we have to humour and we realize with great pleasure that we are lucky to survive and keep on the aventure despite our age. 
I am very happy to be able to buy some new items from you. They are very unusual pieces and I feel great when I can wear them. 
Keep making beautiful and colorful jewelry that brings joy in our lives.
With all my best thoughts.🙋
Fabienne M
Crans-Montana, Switzerland

Ericka in Bold & Beautiful Tibetan Inspired Copal Amber and Turquoise Disc Choker

Soul of Tibet


All I can say is just WOW!!!
You are truly gifted and I’m now a HUGE fan!!! I absolutely adore it and will treasure it forever thank you so much!!! Can we just say thus is fit for a Queen status right here?!?! Wooooooo!!!!

Ericka T

Brandywine, Maryland

Gorgeous Turquoise, Blue Glass, Gold & Copper Seahorse Charm Bracelet

Zakynthos Bracelet

Hi Kelly hope you're well ☺

Just letting you know I have received my gorgeous jewellery, love them all xx
Your jewellery is so amazing! Keep making those amazing pieces and enjoy your holiday break with family and friends
Thanks once again
Faith L
NSW, Australia

Exotic Blue Glass, Wood and Lapis Lazuli Fringe and Pendant Necklace

Tribal Lapis Lazuli

Just came today and it’s lovely! Thanks again for making me something unique
It was a bright spot in my day...

Leigh M.

Culver, Indiana

Amazonite, Green Glass, Gold Chain & Turquoise Horn Statement Necklace


(translated from French)
Good Evening Kelly
You make great jewelry!

I have not yet been able to wear the necklace, having fallen in December...
it's a shame, it will be for later. Bravo for your creations and good luck!

Annie L.

Brive la Gaillarde, France

Beautiful Blue and Brown Jasper, Verdigris Clay and Copper BraceletsHavasu Bracelet

Hi Kelly

I just received my bracelets today and wanted to tell you how happy they made me. They are a bright spot in my life right now with everything going on and I want you to know how much I appreciate your artwork! Please keep making your beautiful jewelry and making people happy!

Linda M

Roanoke, Virginia

unique and exotic and colorful artisan earrings Hi Kelly
How are you? Love your stuff! Love my earings.
Thanks so much,
Can’t wait to wear my new necklace!
Be safe & take care,
Mickey A
Simi Valley, California

Desert Sunset

Hello Kelly
I follow your work for a long time and felt in love with this necklace because it reminds me the blue sky of the New Mexico desert and the sunny rocks. I lived in this state during three years. The jade is a good connection with my new love for asiatique culture and is also a wink to Utah treasures. This necklace was created for me.
Congratulations for these wonderful and inspired jewels created in an very artistic way.
Best thoughts from Switzerland
Fabienne M.
Custom Mixed Media Amber Resin, Wood, Crystal and Chain Charm Necklace

Custom Sugar Skull and Frida Kahlo Mixed Media Charm Bracelet and EarringsSugar Skull Bracelet

Double Cross Necklace

Thank you Kelly so so much for the gorgeous pieces 🙏🙏🙏for honouring my treasured bits and bobs and for restructuring them so beautifully ... I am over the moon 💃💥🥰🙏💃💃💃also, I adore the Frida charm bracelet ... gorgeous details in everything from the sugar skulls and turquoise and coral beads to each gorgeous piece of silver and brass beading ... the fixing and style absolutely perfect ... it will be worn loads and also the gorgeous sugar skull earrings with their silver counterparts - I Love them and Rosie has had her pair saying ‘flippin’ stunning’ - we are going to mix and match both pairs as we now both have bracelets and other accessories to match 💃💃💥🌈☀☀☀️I can’t thank you enough ... have a wonderful day and I will be in touch soon 🥰🥰🥰

Nicky B.

Wales, UK

Custom Bold Chunky Turquoise Nugget & Bronze Choker Statement Necklace

Custom Turquoise Choker

Kelly..It’s fabulous! Even my husband loved it! As always, thanks for being so helpful, creative, and attentive...👍👍😊😊

Leigh M.

Culver, Indiana

Custom Mixed Media Turquoise, Pearl, Crystal and Verdigris Cross Necklace

Custom Turquoise Necklace

Thanks so much Kelly - I really Love what you do and these pieces are truly special ... thank you for all your time, consideration, patience and wonderful creative energy 💃💥💃

Thanks a million.
Nicky XXX
Wales, UK
Dramatic Bronze and Horn Rectangle Statement Collar Pendant Necklace

Hi Kelly….so thrilled with my latest acquisitions! Thanks again!

Leigh M.

Culver, Indiana

Brilliant and Vibrant Orange and Turquoise Arrowhead Charm Bracelet

Orange & Turquoise Arrowhead Bracelet

Love it! Oh, WOW! I will so wear this.I cannot thank you enough Kelly..............I just love your bracelets and necklaces.Thanks so much for designing this orange bracelet so quickly. I will be wearing it the day it arrives.
You are such a talent..............Thanks a million!
Susie C.
Herculaneum, Missouri

Citrus Collection

Hi Kelly

I went to the post office this morning to fetch your package and everything is gorgeous thank you. I am really happy with my purchases - they will all be worn a LOT!!!

Thank you 🙏 I am Loving both sets - really gorgeous 💥💥💥💃🌈
I am soooo excited to wear once again thank you.
Catch up very soon.
Thanks a million
Nicky XXX

Wales, UK

Custom Shimmering Pearl, Shell and Gold Choker Pendant Necklace

Big Shell Choker

Received your package and LOVE IT!!!!!!

Yes, pretty darn good!!!!!! JUST ENOUGH OF A STATEMENT!

Great Job Kelly and thanks for communicating and working with me so efficiently and artistically.

Kayzer D

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Chunky Vintage Persian Blue Faience Donkey Bead and Gold Bracelet

I received my beautiful donkey beaded bracelet-- today and I absolutely LOVE it! Total perfection!

Thanks so much.

Reta S.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Unique Chartreuse Pangi Seed and Silver Ring Statement Earrings
The earrings were absolutely perfect!!! I love them!!
Kathy K
Newnan, Georgia
Long and Layered Boho Chic Mixed Media Necklaces and Earrings
Dear Kelly
Many thanks
The necklace and earring both look beautiful you are very good in understanding what your client wants and you do best with love and imaginative skill. I can’t  wait to see my necklaces!
Thank you again.
With best wishes'
As always lovely to talk.
Upe S.
United Kingdom
Amazing Tibetan-Inspired Turquoise, Coral and Amber Tribal Jewelry Collection

Nicky Collection

Hi Kelly,
You made me some gorgeous jewellery a while ago and it was all absolutely beautiful and I wear everything over and over. Thank you many times over for making such amazing pieces which I will always treasure.

I have to say your jewellery is the best I have ever bought ... the style and quality are exceptional and I adore wearing every piece! 

Thanks a million and take care and keep making your outstanding pieces of art.
Hugs Nicky B

Wales, UK


Captivating Gray, Charcoal, Silver and Black Statement Bracelet
I have just received your bracelet.
It is SO beautiful,
It actually exceeded my  expectations
You are a true artist, xoxo
Diane P.
Quebec, Canada
Gorgeous Amber, Black and White Statement Necklaces

Amber Statement Necklaces

Hey Kelly…forgot to thank you for the two amber/combo necklaces I just received. Love them! They look great together actually…Thanks again for such nice work!

Leigh M

Culver, Indiana



Hi Kelly,
I just received the package with the necklace, bracelet and earrings.  They are all beautiful!  I can't wait to wear them.  The cloth bags are lovely also. 
Thank you for designing such lovely pieces!
~Lynda H.
Dimondale, Michigan
Custom Yellow Glass, Wood, Silver & Ceramic Sugar Skull Charm Bracelet

Love the Bracelet!

Thank you my friend

Have a wonderful life

Call me if you come to Florida
Be well
Steve H
Boca Raton, Florida

Blue Druzy Agate

Hi Kelly,
I just received both necklaces and earrings and they are gorgeous. The shades of blue are all so harmonious and I feel like I’m already at the beach under blue skies! Thank you so much for these lovely pieces!
Wishing you a happy holiday season,
Priya S.

Silver Spring, MD

Turquoise and Gold Multi-Strand Artisan Statement Bracelet
Hi Kelly,
I received the bracelet which is very beautiful.  I am very happy!
Thank you for everything!
Corinne G.
Calvi, France

Art Gallery Necklace

The fabulous necklace for the Art Museum has arrived and it is stunning.
This Friday I have an unexpected visit to the gallery;  so, I will wear my
new necklace then!   I am so excited.
You work is absolutely stunning and I am so anxious to get the feedback from
some of these ladies who will want  my necklace...............
Susie C.
Herculaneum, Missouri
Peruvian Blue Opal, Turquoise, Gold Coin and Agate Slab Pendant Necklace


Good morning Kelly,

Just wanted to let you know I received my beautiful necklace this morning and I absolutely love it. I will be ordering again very soon and will be recommending you to my friends, the workmanship in the necklace is excellent and the service I have received from you is fantastic.

I Look forward to ordering my next piece.

Many thanks 
Jan O.

Wirral, United kingdom

Stunning Bone, Ivory, White and Bronze Statement Necklace and Bracelet

Ivory Necklace and Cuff Bracelet

Hi Kelly!!

Everything has arrived safe and sound!! The pieces are all so beautiful!! Thank you so much!! Can't wait to buy more!! You are so very talented!!

Linda E.

Ontario, Canada

Custom Bold Lime Green, Turquoise and Silver Necklace

Lime, Turquoise and Silver Necklace

Hello Kelly, I received my gorgeous necklace in the mail today and it is stunning! Every bit as beautiful as I thought it might be, thank you so much! I fly out on holiday tonight, so perfect timing xx

Deborah H.

Pinjarra, Australia

Friendship Bracelets

My XO order arrived safe and sound to Taiwan and I have to say, your art is beautiful! I too make jewelry but I make it more as a hobby and I just sell in a very small circle. When I stumbled upon your work on Pinterest, I really had to have a piece for myself!
Happy holidays to you and yours, and thank you again for the beautiful bracelets!!

Sarah W.


African-Inspired Bone, Brass, Leather and Amber Tribal Choker Necklace



Thank you so much for my necklace I got it today I love it. I wore it all day and got alot of compliments!
😊 T. Parker
Hartsville, Tennessee

Bohemian Southwest Style Feather Necklace and Sea-Inspired Earrings

Falling Leaf

Hi Kelly
Thank you so much for making all those beautiful necklaces and earrings for me. I'm so happy for you because you are passionate about your work and you love designing beautiful jewellery for others. I just love all the unusual items you find to make your necklaces so unique and different.
Thank you so much! Many blessings for you.
Anne M.
Queensland, Australia

Soulful, Exotic Leather & Bead Mixed Media Boho Tribal Charm Bracelet

Soulful Bracelet

Good Morning Kelly,

 I just received the bracelet –  I LOVE it! It’s exactly what I wanted and fits perfectly.

 Thank you for another gorgeous piece of art. You’re truly talented!

 Have a wonderful holiday, 

Heidi G.

Hartford, Connecticut

Awesome and Unique Periwinkle Blue Violet Statement Charm Bracelet


Hi Kelly.

This Morning I have received the parcel. The bracelet is very beautiful and I like it very much. 

Many Thanks for it. 
Sunny greetings from Switzerland.
Gaby P.
Affoltern am Albis, Switzerland

Mixed-Media White Venetian Glass, Bone & Pearl Boho Statement Bracelet

White Mixed Media

Hi Kelly, 
Thank you for your patience with me through this process.  I just returned home from a meeting  in Washington. The bracelet is stunning. Love it!!! Thanks again.
Freda J.
Farmington Hills, MI

Soul Of Tibet Copal Amber & Turquoise Donut Pendant Statement Necklace

Soul of Tibet

I got the necklace today and it is beautiful.  Thanks so much. I hope to buy more from you in the future!
Trudi C.
Rancho Palos Verdes, California

Bold Soulful Tibetan Copal Amber & Turquoise Pendant Choker Necklace

Soul of Tibet Choker

I am beyond thrilled with my necklace its spectacular. Just overjoyed!!

Niamh M.

Dublin, Ireland

Cobalt, Black and Copper Cross Necklace

Hi Kelly! I just received the necklace. It is beyond beautiful, beyond my expectations. I love love love it!

Now I need to figure out what else I can ask you to make for me (probably some matching earrings or bracelet:)

I will take a picture of me wearing it one of these days and send it to you so you can have a face to place with me!
Helene S.
Alexandria, Virginia


Blue Turquoise Stone, Copper and Silver Art Deco Beaded Charm Bracelet

Simply Turquoise Charm Bracelet

Kelly your beautiful bracelet arrived! It's stunning thank you so much! I plan to be the envy of all my friends when I wear it and will pass your website on with pleasure! 
All my best wishes and thanks 
Kind regards 
Paula O.
Limerick, Ireland

Operculum Shell, Silver & Copper Patina Scallop Beaded Charm Bracelet

Simply Shell Bracelet

I received my jewelry a few days ago.......very, very happy with the earrings & bracelet! The bracelet fits perfectly, no need for any extra links. Thank you for such nice pieces!
Gale S.
Summerville, South Carolina

Gorgeous Green Turquoise, Copper and Bronze Chai Life Charm Bracelet

Tahoe Bracelet

Hi Kelly!

My gorgeous bracelet arrived’s fabulous!  Thanks so much!
Chris E.

Cincinnati, Ohio

Stunning Amazonite, Chartreuse and Green Turquoise Statement Necklace

Thank you very much!  I wore the necklace and earrings yesterday and got a lot of compliments on them.

Lindsey D.

Kensington, California

Bold Dramatic and Chunky Exotic and Modern Silver Statement BraceletSilver Lake

Hi Kelly 

Just to let you know that I have been to the post office and collected my bracelet this morning………..I absolutely adore it – thank you so much, all my colleagues at work have looked and also love it. 

Thank you once again and you are so talented!

Claire G.

South Yorkshire, UK

Aqua Blue Jasper, Brown Terra Cotta & African Brass Statement Necklace

Kelly, they're FABULOUS! I love your brain...

Barbara B.

Lynchburg, Virginia

hi, i just got my earrings, and they are awesome !!   you have a great site and i’ll visit it often… all best wishes from mary malin in nyc

Mary M.

New York City

Dia de los Muertos Cuff and Earrings

I received the bracelet and earrings that you made for me. Wanted to let you know how pleased I am with them. The quality of your work is very impressive. Your combination of component selections, coupled with bold, pure color choices, makes for truly unique jewelry creations.
I had occasion to wear my bracelet and earrings to dinner last night and received two compliments in less than 45 minutes! Thank you, Kelly. You are so talented.
Teresa B.
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Dear Kelly -

I love it!! It's absolutely gorgeous!! Ship it!! ... and thank you so much for your efforts on my behalf!! Kelly the necklace arrived and it is absolutely beautiful! ... Thank you so much!

Jeris M.

Jacksonville, Oregon


Kelly,  The bracelet is fabulous!!! 

Thank you sooooo much

Royce D.

La Porte, Texas

hi kelly 
Amazing!!! beautiful ..fabulous ..soulful...maravilloso magnifico....esplendido... Thanks so much♥♥♥♥♥
Margot S.
Marignane, France

Falling Leaf

LOVE the necklace!! Thank you so much!! 

Nasha H.

Santa Barbara, California

Spring Fling

The jewellery is amazing. I love my new necklaces! I couldn’t wait to wear them.
Keep creating coloured marvels. I will make known your brand among my friends.
Thank you so much.
Have a great day.

Fabienne M.

Echandens, Switzerland


Hi Kelly.

I love it. Thanks. :) :) :) <3 <3

Lise J.


One & Only

Dear Kelly 
Got the  bracelet - beautiful!!
thank you!!!
Nitsa A.
Rishon LeZion, Israel

Red Infusion

It looks great. I can't wait to get it!
I received the necklace and I like it very much!  Thank you for making it for me. 
Pat W.
Houston, Texas

Aegean Sea

Hi Kelly,

I love the earrings and the necklace is magnificent!!!

Pictures don't do it complete justice, it is so gorgeous in person. I am thrilled!

Thank you so much, and wish you a wonderful holiday season.

Priya S.

Silver Spring, Maryland


I just received my bracelet.  It is amazing; way more beautiful in person!  Thank you so much for this treasure!
Sharon J.
Kingwood, Texas

Tango Tangerine

Got my bracelets today. Thank you so much. They are beautiful. I am starting my jewelry fund!! :)

Thank you for all your help,

Julie M.

Ellicott City, MD

Winter White Bracelet

I was thrilled when I received my bracelet.  It is gorgeous.  You do beautiful work.

Cheryl C.

Kansas City, MO


Necklace arrived today. It's beautiful!

Thank you.

Gillian S.

Portland, Maine

Soulful Bracelet

Hello! My mom loved her bracelets. Thank you so much!

Natalie B.
Washington D.C.

Dia de los Muertos

Hi Kelly,
Just got my bracelet and it's fabulous! Thank you so much for your amazing talent.
Lynda K

Washington D.C.

White Tagua

I just received my necklace and Iove it...thank you so much.  Now I can't wait to get my bracelet.

Lynda K

Washington D.C.

Hi Kelly.  I just wanted to let you know that I received my bracelets in the mail, and am so impressed with you as a person, first, and as a business owner, second.  You have been kind, polite and didn't give me any negative comments about a repair that came years after a purchase.  That kind of dedication to one's art is rare and separates a true artist and business person from someone who doesn't know what it's like to put the customer's needs first.  I'm impressed.  The bracelets are beautiful and will mean even more to me now, knowing that they were created by a true artist and good person.  Thank you, Susan

Saint Louis, Missouri

Kelly, Rosemary says to tell you she loves the "heavenly" bracelet!
She was screaming in delight.  
Thank you very much. 
T. Hayward
Bloomingdale, IL

Aegean Sea

Hi Kelly!!
I just needed to email you because I'm INLOVE with the necklace!!! I just got into the states today so I only opened it up today. Absolutely perfect! It's so beautiful it makes me tear up hehe!! I don't want to ever take it off!! I'm in awe, I can't stop staring at it haha :)
Thanks again!!
Sarah N.

Green Tagua

The necklace arrived this afternoon!
 Love it!  Love it!  Love it!
And, packed in such a special box!  Thank you so-o much!
C. Youngkin
Salem, Oregon

Lhasa Bracelet

I received my bracelet and love it!  You are just as talented as your website represents.  Thank you for my beautiful bracelet and I hope to collect more of your collection in the future. 
B.G. Davis
Graham, North Carolina 

Dia de los Muertos Cuff

I received my bracelet just in time for Christmas...It's stunning and exactely what I wished.
Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

Ioana T.

Cluj-Napoca, Romania


Hi Kelly,
I just received the necklace. I am once more stunned by your craftsmanship. Thank you very much again. In November I would like to ask you for a bracelet - I hope you would have time for it.
Have a nice day!
Ioana T.
Cluj-Napoca, Romania
(pictured Madison Avenue custom necklace)
Just wanted to thank you again for making the bracelet for Irene's birthday. She loves it!!!!
Bob F.
Altamonte Springs, Florida

Kumasi Chandelier Earrings

Hi Kelly,
All I can say is WOW... It looks better than the original,if I may say so.

Thank you very much for your amazing creation.


Ioana T.

Cluj-Napoca, Romania

African Bell Necklace

Hi Kelly,

I received the necklace and I love it!  I'll stay tuned in to your website for new things!  Your designs are very special and it was hard to choose just 1!  


Eileen A.

New York, New York

Heart Charm Bracelet

 just received my bracelet and it's beautiful! It fits perfectly and I will be wearing it constantly.

Thank you!

Claudia O.

Lindon, Utah


Hi Kelly, I just got my necklace and I love it!!!

I cannot wait to wear it and I'm sure I'll get lots of compliments.


Louisa H.

Alexandria, Virginia

Friendship Bracelet

I got the bracelet today :)

It's gorgeous! I think she will love it!

Candy R.

Crossett, Arkansas

Custom Laguna

Hi Kelly. My bracelet arrived, love it! I will definitely be ordering some more.


Jane C.

San Antonio, Texas


Thank you so much for creating gorgeous necklaces!

The dragon necklace is gorgeous, unusual, superb colours. I am thrilled and enjoy wearing it!

For me this is the best necklace you created.

Thank you so much!


Best Wishes


London, England

Winter White Earrings

Hi Kelly. 

I received the earrings today.  They are perfect! 

Thanks for changing them for me. (These were shortened). 

Have a wonderful holiday! 

Debbie L.

Washington D.C.


Hi Kelly.




Virginia Beach, Virginia


Wow!!! As always it is great! 

Oh she LOVED it!!! She couldn't believe it! 

Thalia S.

Syosset, New York

Rustica Bracelet


Soooooo, I may have taken a quick sneak peak last night of my bracelet.  Aaaaand, I may have tried it on ever so briefly.  When I open it for real on Christmas morning, I may never take it off again! It's gorgeous! I love the combination of metals and the texture of the leather. It will literally go with everything - casual or dressy. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

Heidi G.

Ellington, Connecticut




Upender S.

London, England

Everyday Bracelet

OMG! OMFG! (excuse my language) I love it!!!!!

Denise C.

East Quogue, New York

Champagne Bracelet

Kelly, I received my bracelet and it is absolutely beautiful! Thank you for helping make my special day perfect!! 

Kati W.

Hamptonville, North Carolina

Bone Shield Necklace

Just got the necklaces and they're great!

Think I'll do the black one we disc'd next.

Wendy B.

New York, NY

White Cuff Bracelet

Good morning Kelly.  

I received my jewelry yesterday and all I can say is OMG!!   They are fabulous.  I cannot wait to wear them as well as purchase new pieces.   

Thanks again  

Debbie L.

Washington, DC

Everyday Bracelet

Hi Kelly.

Received the Rasta Charm bracelet & love the look. Thank you again.

Patrick P.

Boise, Idaho

Spring Fling




Upender S.

London, England

Red Chandelier Earrings

Hi Kelly!

I've received the earrings this Friday and I love them! They look great in person and all my friends were again impressed by your creation. Thank you very much!

Ioana T.
Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Thanks so much the way, I finally saw the pink bracelet I ordered for her retirement. Absolutely beautiful as always!
Sandy M.
Baltimore, Maryland
OMG! Beautiful and thank you!
I can't tell you how much I enjoy our creations and hope you feel the same!
Mary Lynn R.
San Diego, California
They are awesome!
Love them!
Thank you! Both pairs of earrings are perfect and I am very pleased.
Thank you again my friend!
Mary Lynn R.
San Diego, California
Hi Kelly, I just got the bracelet and opened the box, WOW!!!!! It's beautiful. Irene will love it, I can't wait for her birthday to give it to her. Thank you so much, you do wonderful work and this piece is just spectacular. 
Thank you again,
Bob F.
Altamonte Springs, Florida

Friendship Bracelet

Hey Kelly,
I received the 1st bracelet and I have not taken it off since. I'm afraid to because my daughter is totally 
going to swipe it if I do! We both love it!!
Thanks again,
Denise C.
East Quogue, New York

Friendship Bracelet

Hi Kelly.

 I got my bracelet on Saturday. I love it!  My next friendship bracelet I want blue and yellow with more silver. I want to stack them. Thanks a bunch. I love it.

Cathy M.

Kernville, Texas

Yellow and Silver Bracelet

Hi Kelly.

I got my bracelet today and could not be happier! It is so beautiful and I can't wait to show it off!

...I love my bracelet!

Cathy M.

Kernville, Texas

Me in my necklace

At Costa Navarino in Greece!

Thalia S.

Syosset, New York

(see her necklace 3 comments down)

Spring Fling


Love all the pieces

You have an amazing talent and creativity!

Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful jewelry!

Lynda C.

North Plains, Oregon

Custom "Memory" Bracelet

Hello Kelly, 

I LOVE my bracelet.  I actually got tears in my eyes when I took it out of the bag and put it on.  Several people at work told me how much the loved the bracelet and and they thought it was a great idea to  remember Katie in that way.  I know that she would slowly siphon it out of my jewelry case if she was here.... 

Thank you once again.

  Marilu N.

Chanhassen, Minnesota 

Custom Sea Glass Necklace

Got necklace....

And it's gorgeous!!!!

Thank you!!!!

Thalia S.

Syosset, New York


Passion Charm Bracelet

Hi Kelly,

I love your bracelets, esp. the Passion Bracelet.  I would like to make a bracelet that is similar and would definitely appreciate your input on the colors...You are the best, I recommend you to everyone who likes my bracelets and necklaces!  


Marilu N.

Chanhassen, Minnesota

Exotic Emerald

OMG kelly the necklace is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the photo didn't do it justice

thank you so much!

Lisa F.
Bethesda, Maryland

Caribbean Cuff

Kelly, bracelet is perfection!! I have gotten tons of compliments and am directing them to your website.
Thanks so much!

...I have received so many complements on my bracelet that I got from you that I just got to have more!:) 

Anne S.

Portland, Oregon


YOWSA!!!!!  the bomb!!   :)

Carla F.

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello, Kelly.
Picked up the necklace today. It looks wonderful! I am so pleased.
You are a marvel.
Have a great spring.
Best wishes - and thank you,

 Audrey O.
Ontario, Canada

Turquoise Donut Earrings
"Just wanted to dash off a quick note of appreciation to you! I have enjoyed wearing your beautiful jewelry for months now; and always receive compliments on how unique and beautiful they are! I always let people know where they can go to purchase your wonderful jewelry! Thanks again for creating beauty we can all enjoy. Have a good week!"

Nancy D.
Leawood, Kansas

Custom Earrings

Dear Kelly!
I want to thank you very very much. I received last Monday the earrings and I want to tell you they are exquisite and I received a lot of compliments. Also, many  thanks for  the new locking system for the bracelet...I wore it every day since. I eagerly expect the new designs of 2013.
Have a nice day.

Ioana Timbuş
Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Passion Charm Bracelet


I just wanted to let you know that my fiancé loved the bracelet you made. I enjoyed the personal service you provided and look forward to purchasing from you in the future. She loves all of your bracelets so it won't be difficult to choose! 

Thank you,

Zach K. 

Boonville, North Carolina


Hi Kelly,

Michelle just loves the necklace I got from you, she wears it all the time.

It creates a lot of oos and awes and where did you get that's.  Thank you! 

John B.

Chantilly, Virginia

Gypsy Cuff
My bracelet arrived today. I tried sooooo hard to leave it unopened under the tree, since it is supposed to be a Christmas present from my hubby. However, the little box kept calling my name.  When I couldn't stand it any longer, I untied the raffia, just to take a peek. As you probably guessed, that didn't work!
The bracelet is beyond perfect. I love, love, love it...and my husband is giving himself credit for being the best husband in the world for giving such a wonderful present.

Once again, Thank You, Thank You for such an spectacular piece of art.

Monica F.
Worthington, Ohio

Holiday Red & Gold Bracelet


My jewelry arrived yesterday!!! I love it!!!

Thanks so much!

Jennifer H.
Canton, Georgia


Hi Kelly,

I just received the pair of necklaces and the earrings. I have to confess that in person they are even more impressive than in pictures. Especially the green one is fabulous and right what I love to wear. I’ve truly fallen in love with your Eritrea necklace. Thank you again!

Ioana Timbuş
Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Safari Bracelet

I love it!  Your designs are gorgeous and I am also a jewelry designer and very hard to please!

...  I just received my bracelet.  It's gorgeous!  Thank you!

Kathleen B.

Barrington, IL


Kelly, just thought you should know i have worn a necklace every night while here in Italy, i get compliments even in Italy.  Now you can say your necklaces are worn in Rome, Florence and Venice.  Thank you for making them so i could bring them on my trip to compliment my dresses....Karen

Karen B.

Virginia Beach, VA


Hi Kelly,

Back from holidays today and the bracelets had arrived. Absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much, they are very unique. 


Robin M.
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Canyon de Chelly
I wore the hippie-chick-turquoise and leather necklace yesterday and gave your name to 3 people. EVERYONE COMPLEMENTED IT!!

Judy C.
Virginia Beach, Virginia

Good Morning Kelly,

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU for adjusting my bracelet.  I wore it to a Mayo Clinic appt and several people complimented me and asked where I bought it. 

Thank you once again for your beautiful jewelry.  


Chanhassen, Minnesota

San Antonio Earrings

Dear Kelly

I received today the earrings you sent, and they are truly stunning. Thank you very much. I would like to know if you can make something similar (not identical, of course), but with different colors. I am particularly interested by a mauve one or a blue one.

Thank you again for your beautiful jewelery!

Ioana Timbuş
Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Kelly,  I have been meaning to write you and tell you how much I am enjoying my "travel" necklace!  I have worn each piece individually and together and each time I have just loved it!!!!!

Thanks for listening so closely to what I wanted - it is perfect!!!!!!  Thanks again - 

BJ Baumann

Virginia Beach, VA

Bohemian Cuff

Dear Kelly, the beauty of my Bohemian bracelet is exceeded only by the speed with which you got it out to me.  I feel happy just looking at it, so I've been wearing it, even in my pajamas!  No, I didn't sleep in it, but I did wear it with my leopard print PJs.  Looked lovely!  Thanks for your hard work and creativity.  

Ronni Rittenhouse

Wheeling, West Virginia

Green Acropolis Bracelet

Dear Kelly,

I love it!  I saw the little bag on my porch and was very curious as to what it was.  I was thrilled when I found out it was the bracelet.  Thank you for all of your effort and I can't wait to wear it!

Bobbi Gunn

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Kelly! Just want to tell you I am getting lots of compliments on your jewelry! See you next week. Tell everyone hi!

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Kelly, I just received the bracelet.  It is more beautiful than I imagined.  Thanks so much and I can't wait to surprise my girlfriend in 2 weeks.  She lives in Boston.  Hope all is well with you.  Your artwork is special. 


Boston, Massachuttes

Leather Indian Earrings

Hello, Kelly

I love my earrings to death- i have worn them everywhere i have been since i bought them- and everyone has something positive about them!

North Carolina

Cinnabar Dragon Charm Bracelet

Hi Kelly,

I have worn my bracelet EVERYDAY.  I absolutely love it and it goes with everything!  Your work is very beautiful and I love how the colors and textures work together.  I was so happy to see your things at the art show - it was funny because I saw your pieces before I saw it was you, and I knew they were yours!  I look forward to seeing more of your creations and have already enjoyed the website - it is very well done.  The photos of your pieces are very nice.  So I'll be saving up for a necklace next and will keep in touch.

Thanks again,

Sarah S.

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Rio de Janeiro


I love the piece that i purchased & I look forward to purchasing more from you! You have a great website & of course designs- you are truly gifted! I will look for your newsletter.

Thank you again.

Tanya B 
Chesapeake, Virginia


I love love love it! Your jewelry is beautiful,  very unique. I'm differently a jewelry freak !!! I look for things that are different, special not cookie cutter things. Your things have depth. I guess this will be my Christmas to myself. 

Thank you, peace and blessings to you : )

JoAnn B.

Baltimore, Maryland

Celtic Mist

I just want to say how much I love the Celtic Mist necklace. It was love at first sight, and I kept on going back to your website to look at it again for over a year, worried that someone else would have got there before I could save up enough to buy it! I have had it for a while now and it has been my favourite piece of jewellery ever since. Celtic Mist is being joyfully worn in the north of Scotland on an almost daily basis! So thank you for creating such a wonderful piece of jewellery. Suits the landscape here almost as well as the land you named it for.

With much appreciation,

Kirsty W, Scotland


IT IS FABULOUS!!!!!! I love it! I showed the picture to my husband and he loved it.
You are very talented!!

Penny L.

Virginia Beach, Virginia

I’ve been meaning to write you to tell you that I received the Capri necklace of turquoise and copper — it’s gorgeous!  A true work of art.  It looks like something you’d find in a museum collection of old Grecian or Roman jewelry.  I love it.

Thanks for getting it to me so quickly.  You are quite the artist.

Mary Clare
Boston, Massachuttes

Wow; i love, love, love my earrings, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything:) You are the best girl ; an absolute diamond:) Precious and beautiful. You are a really lovely person to do business with, and your work is divine. I love getting a package from XO Gallery. Always comes with a beautiful piece of art all wrapped up in a sweet gift box:) It's ALWAYS a pleasure to snag a piece of Kelly : I cannot begin to describe just how much I love your jewelries. The form, the texture, the fitting, are just incredible...stunning....PERFECT!. I can literally feel your love & positive energy that have gone into the making of these OOAK earrings. !
Thanks again for your artistic work and my kind regards,
Ransart, Belgium

I wore the necklace and just love it.  We went to a great outside Italian restaurant and I was waiting to use the Ladies room and this girl said to me, "that is one BIG,BOLD,BEAUTIFUL" statement.  I smiled.
Hope all is well.
Mary Lynn
San Diego, California

Hi Kelly!
I received my new earrings a couple of days ago and just wanted to tell you how beautiful they are!!!    I love both sets and expect everyone to ask me where I got them.  LOL.  Have a great weekend.
Joan Minor
Manchester, CT

Gypsy Earrings
"Hello Kelly, ....
I have just recieved my package today : These are little architectural masterpieces--improbably long and sturdy yet not too heavy, perfectly balanced, masterfully constructed, graceful, and simply delightful. I love all what you create Kelly !!!!
Thanks from the bottom of my heart - i have always one of your cart in my agenda at work ....
All the best to you and have a pretty afternoon,


Ransart, Belgium
“Oh, Kelly,
I received the necklace and it's fantastic! (This is the nicest, most expensive piece of jewelry I own).
The necklace is incredible! The quality of the beads and your craftsmanship is top notch!
Thank you for working with me to make a "just what I wanted" necklace!"
Heather Y.
Chicago, Illinois
“Hi Kelly,
I just wanted to give you some feedback on the custom bracelet that you created for me to give as a gift. My guy LOVED it!!! He especially loved the design, colors, and presentation.
Thank you and have a very Happy New Year!"
Chanell J.
Dover, Delaware
“Kelly - It was a big hit, your creation was well received. Thank you...
Thanks again for being "there".
Happy New Year.”
Drew M.
Crozier, Virginia
Thanks again for the bracelet, my fiancée Jess loved it!
...thanks and also hope you had a great Christmas!”
Anthony B.
North Scituate, RI
Blue Paua
“I want to tell you my wife loves the earrings! Thank you for making them and I’m sure I’ll (or my wife ;) )be back to buy more of your beautiful creations."

David M.
Hampton, Virginia
“Dear Kelly
Kukui was waiting for me at my door this afternoon. The necklace is so much better "in person:" I love the combination of the deep brown kukui notes contrasting with the mustard yellow accent beads. The silver pendant is much more impressive "live" than in the photographs. It is a simple but highly appealing look.
I now have six of your necklaces in my collection. I hope your year ends well and the new one begins with good things.

Sandra S.
Annandale, Virginia
Carico Lake
“Kelly – 
I am turning into your Canadian poster girl! I just love my pieces and can’t wait to see Carico Lake. You are so talented!
All the best”

Audrey O.
Ontario, Canada
Passion Gypsy
“Hi Kelly. 
The jewelry is absolutely beautiful!!! I love it!! The earrings are gorgeous and the colors are perfect. Thank you so much for your work on these. These are my first pieces of your collections but certainly will not be my last. I have shown them to many friends and passed your contact info and website on to them. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. I am sure you will be hearing from me again.
Kathy H.
Greenville, NC
Bohemian Cuff
“I love my bracelet and the earrings. Your designs are so awesome. Thank you so much for doing this and I look forward to more.”

Lou W.
Monroe, Louisiana

“I received my custom order yesterday! I love everything! I'm so glad we decided to also make the longer simple two strand necklace. I have that and my bracelet on right now with jeans and a t shirt and they look great. I love all the strands of the bracelet, just fabulous. The other necklace is gorgeous also! Kelly you truly are a gifted artisan!"
Sue D.
St. Petersburg, Florida

The bracelet arrived and it is just perfect.
Many thanks and all good wishes"
Audrey O.
Ontario, Canada

Fire & Ice
“I have received so many compliments regarding your Fire and Ice necklace when I wear it. You do excellent, beautiful work. Keep up the lovely work with your wonderfully colorful necklaces and bracelets. You are a truely gifted artist. 
Good Voice Eagle Bear”
Stephen G.
Moab, Utah

“Hello, Kelly.
I was out of town for the weekend but I am happy to tell you that the necklace arrived safely on Friday last and it is just fabulous!
Thank you so much for this!
Very best wishes"
Audrey O.
Ontario, Canada

Tibetan Charm Bracelet
I got the bracelet today and I LOVE it! It's really beautiful. Thank You, it was worth the wait!!!!!!”

Susan S.
Brooklyn, New York

“Hi Kelly, 
I wanted to let you know that I received my necklaces from you. Oh my gosh - I am THRILLED with them. I love the boxes they came in, how they look around my neck, and all you're personal touches. I'm SO glad I found you're gallery. Your jewelry from now on will be on my body daily!”
Sue D.
St. Petersburg, Florida

“Hey, Kelly! 
I was just looking at my gorgeous new necklace, and I really, really love it. Can't wait to wear it! Thanks so much. I'm going to check out your website now."
Maggie T.
Virginia Beach, Virginia

Chinese Dragon Bracelet
“Hi Kelly,
Just wanted to let you know that I received my Chinese Dragon Charm Bracelet and absolutely love, love love it. You've probably heard this many times times, but, I'm going to tell you again. Your work is really something special!"
Denise C.
East Quogue, NY

"Hi Kelly,
I got the necklace today and it is far more beautiful than the picture. I love it!! 
I can't believe your packaging either. It is gorgeous. You must spend a fortune on it. I honestly felt like someone had sent me a gift. I had such pleasure opening it up.
Thank you so much."
Simone D.
Princeton, New Jersey

“Oh my Goood!!! It is SOOOOO beautiful - Kelly - I am truly blown away! It's far more beautiful than I ever dreamed ... just stunning and looks so brilliant on! You are a fabulous artist - thank you thank you thank you! I will recommend your site to my friends as everyone will ask me where I got it! And I will be back!
Lots of love and good wishes from New Zealand"
Mary F.
Auckland, New Zealand

“I received your package just awhile ago. As always, I was excited opening the FedEx box when I knew your wonderful jewelry and packaging were inside. SHANGHAI looks wonderful on; I knew it would because it has basic shapes, a sensational color, and lots of earthiness. 
I have an antique cabinet and I keep your four impressive boxes on top. If anyone wants to look inside, they find your original creations. I display even when not wearing.
Lots of luck, in this tough economy, and I will return later this year.

Sandra S.
Annandale, Virginia

Saki Shibu
I just wanted you to know that I received my bracelet today and it exceeded my expectations! The packaging and care to detail that you put into your work is to be
commended. I will always keep your website in mind whenever I need a gift for someone or would just like to treat myself.
Thank you again..."
Kim G.
New Milford, Connecticut

Love Me 3 Times
“Dear Kelly,
Just to let you know that I received your package today, 10 Sept. 09. I'm not kidding if I tell you that the necklaces are just awesome! They're instant favorites! The Celtic & Kyoto necklaces are great too but maybe I like this batch more because they're more colorful. Anyway, suffice to say that I respect your talent of mix-matching elements and creating one-of-a-kind accessories :-)"
Edna G.
Manila, Philippines

“Hi Kelly, 
I received my beautiful ‘Twiga’ necklace and bracelet yesterday, and wanted you to know how pleased I am; in fact, I am wearing it today with a bright orange sweater and a tribal print skirt. Your packaging is beautiful, and really enhances the jewelry; a keepsake box in itself. 
I will look forward to ordering more in the future. There are several more pieces that I am interested in. You are a talented designer!!"
Diana T.
Hurst, Texas

African Brass Bell Necklace
Got the necklace on Friday!!! I absolutely love it. I wore it last night and it was funny... totally thought I had the perfect outfit because of the necklace. I was thinking everyone must be looking at my necklace. HA
I love the box it came in and your presentation...very professional.
I hope your business is doing well. You deserve it.
Thanks again."
Katherine D.
Roscoe, Illinois

Addis Ababa
“Hi Kelly, received order today! 
Everthing is just lovely and your packaging is fabulous. Wow to every detail! From boxes, pouches, twine, ribbon, description card ......everything is just first rate and beautiful. Thanks so much...”
Carol D.
Chicago, Illinois

Mentha Choker
“Hi Kelly,
Received the creme de menthe coral lovely and love it. Your usual wonderful design. Thanks as always.
Have a good summer."
Jan Y.
Baltimore, Maryland

Angels of the Orient
“Dear Kelly-
Your package arrived today via FedEx. As usual, you have sent me a unique stylish treasure to be worn over and over. Angels of the Orient reflects your inspiration, world view, and wonderful craft. The packaging is excellent and a treasure in itself. I hope you have a wonderful summer, and remember to send me any announcements of new items. 
Happy Independence Day!!!
Best regards."
Sandra S.
Annandale, Virginia
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