Exumas Jewelry Collection



After I created this bold choker pendant statement necklace, it reminded me of pictures I have seen of beautiful clear blue waters in the Exumas islands of the Bahamas. In fact the picture was of a pig in the water and I remember it because it seemed so odd. So I researched it and you can, in fact, swim with the pigs in the Exumas, which consist of an archipelago of 365 islands and cays southeast of Nassau.

Anyway, this beautiful necklace is made to fit as a choker with the blue quartz crystal hanging down about 3 inches, as can be seen on the mannequin. The pale sea blue glass beads are recycled glass from Ghana. And the rare brass beads are from Africa as well. This fantastic necklace is a one-of-the-kind piece of wearable art and looks absolutely stunning on! 

The charm bracelet features vintage Roman glass beads with gorgeous shades of aqua, blue and green and unique shape and texture. These beads were made from ancient glass pieces like cups, vases, perfume containers, jars and decorative tiles that were unearthed in Afghanistan and other Middle Eastern countries. It ranges in age from 900 to 2700 years.  Over the passing of the ages, buried under the earth, the objects broke into pieces and began collecting earth mineral deposits giving them their unique patina. And they have been made into these fabulous beads! You're wearing a piece of history when you put this bracelet on...it's fun to imagine the travels of these glass pieces.

I created the beautiful Romanesque disc earrings to coordinate with the necklace and bracelet as well. I also included my mixed turquoise Turquesas Necklace in this collection as I love the way the colors and styles coordinate.

Turquesa Necklace $225

Exumas Necklace $195

Exumas Charm Bracelet $125

Exumas Earrings $50