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Color of Africa Bracelet: African Trade Bead Gypsy Bohemian Tribal Charm Bracelet $140

African Trade Bead Mixed Media Gypsy Bohemian Tribal Charm Bracelet
Rock your gypsy tribal soul with one of these perfectly imperfect, rustic, ethnic, exotic charm bracelets. My customers are loving these! See the product page to see some of the variations I have made. Each one of these will be a one-of-a-kind but each one a treasure and piece of wearable art!! You can let me know the colors you prefer or just let me surprise you and you can choose your charm as well. This one is going to one of customers Down Under in Tasmania!
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RESTOCK: Vintage Venetian Glass French Cross Trade Bead Heart Charm Bracelet $125

Vintage Venetian Glass French Cross Trade Bead Heart Charm Bracelet
I just recreated this vintage Venetian glass bead bracelet per request for one of my regulars in Australia. I couldn't find more of these beads so I marked it as sold, but this customer actually came across the beads herself so I ordered a bunch! The beads will be mostly the same as in the picture; a couple colors may vary. Anyhow I LOVE my customers!!
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NEW Recreation of my Desert-Inspired Copper, Orange and Turquoise Zion Charm Bracelet

Desert-Inspired Copper, Gold, Orange Glass & Turquoise Charm Bracelet
I just recreated this beautiful desert-inspired bracelet for one of my California customers and perfect timing as I just moved to the desert!! I had made this one unavailable as some of the beads were hard to find; however, I have resourced the components and can make it very similar as the original so I am adding it back to my website. Of course each one of these pieces will vary, but each one will be an art-to-wear unique bracelet!
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Beautiful Pink and Orange Coral and Gold Statement Bracelet Redesign $175

Bright and Vivid Custom Orange, Pink Coral and Gold Statement Bracelet

This stunning bracelet is a recreation of a custom design so it cannot be added to the cart. If you are interested in something similar, contact me! This gorgeous bracelet has such a fantastic color scheme with pink and orange corals and brilliant gold accents! The little charms were a rare find, so those would be substituted for something else, maybe even just gold charms, but the rest of the bracelet can be pretty much recreated as is.
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Vibrant Persian Blue Donkey Bead and Gold Statement Bracelet $160

Chunky Vintage Persian Blue Faience Donkey Bead and Gold Bracelet
I just recreated this gorgeous Persian blue and gold statement bracelet for a new customer from Santa Fe, New Mexico. This blue is a brilliant capri blue which I had a very hard time capturing! Overcast skies are the best lighting for taking pictures and there are no clouds in Arizona! Anyhow check out the product page for other pictures that show the color more accurately. The availability of the amazing blue donkey beads is sporadic, so this piece is not available to add to the cart, but just contact me about it if you are interested and I will see if I can recreate it at that time.
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Gorgeous Recreation of my Green Garnet and Chinese Coin Pendant Necklace $195

Gorgeous Green Grossular Garnet and Ancient Chinese Coin Necklace
I just recreated this gorgeous green garnet and Chinese coin pendant necklace for one of my Virginia customers. This is the first piece I created in my new home in the desert...I'm finding lots of new picture opportunities with all the saltillo tile and rustic Mexican doors and wall hangings around the house!
Anyhow, as this piece will vary based on availability and price of the green garnet available, it cannot be added to the cart. But if you are interested just let me know and I will see what is currently available.
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Yet Another Southwest Summer White Bohemian Long & Layered Necklace

Summer White Southwest Boho Chic Long & Layered Tuareg Cross Necklace
This was one of the last pieces shipped out before my trip across the country to Arizona! It was for one of my regulars in Oregon. This necklace is so perfect for those summer bohemian looks or just as a casual piece to wear with your summer whites or maxi dress or just jeans and a fun top! Each one of these soul-filled necklaces will vary from the next but each one beautiful! As this was a custom design, it is not available on my website, but just let me know if you are interested and I can create something similar. 
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Got Red? This gorgeous red and silver and gold cuff bracelet is becoming a favorite!

Red Coral, Brass & Silver Multi-Strand Artisan Cuff Statement Bracelet
Another one of these stunning statement bracelets in bold red and mixed metals out the door and on it's way to Beverly Hills, California. 15 strands of vibrant reds and golden bronze pearls and silvers make this a statement piece or wearable art that you will be designing your outfit around! Each one of these magnificent bracelets will be a one-of-a-kind piece of artisan jewelry, but each one equally beautiful!
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